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Is an Employee Criminal Record Check Necessary Why Do a Background Check


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Recently Kroll released a study of the employee criminal record backgrounds for both the financial and healthcare fields. What was interesting is that in the healthcare arena, over 50 percent of the applicants had different information for their past work history listed or they were not able to be adequately verified. The percentage in the financial field was a bit lower. That was forty four percent.

Screening is more and more important these days . In the healthcare field it's important to know if there is any history of child abuse or criminial areas for a prospect that will be employeed by the company. Healthcare positions can involve foster care, adoption, counseling kids, group therapy and many situations that involve young children and families.

In the financial area, employees are screened for many reasons, but identity theft is an important concern today. Companies are also worried about lawsuits and do not want employees to be obtaining sensitive data that makes the company open to a suit. In terms of safety, it's important to know if there is a history of violence of the employee in order to protect your co-workers. Many jobs today have employees leaving work later than the traditional nine to five jobs and you do not want to risk your employees walking into a parking lot with a co-worker that may be a danger. *** harrassment is another area that you need to protect your employees from and an employee criminal record help will help you with that.

It will make your employees more secure to know that new employees are screened and this will help them have confidence in your company and concern for them. Fortunately some crime databases are online for everyone's protection. Some first time offender records may be sealed but an in-depth search should then be investigated to allay fears.

Last month my condo association circulated a flyer of a child molester that moved into the neighborhood. This was controversial but those with school-aged children were very eager to be able to identify his face and review with their children what would be appropriate and inappropriate.

As an employer, take the extra steps involved in performing an employee criminal record check to show your committment to safety of your workers and your integrity.

Dee Cohen is a licensed social worker and author at Employee Criminal Record where you can visit and learn more about staying secure at


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