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Speeding Tickets Court


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Speeding tickets court - more commonly known as traffic court - isn't the happiest place to be. There are all kinds of things you can do to try to get out of a traffic ticket, many of which won't get you very far. In fact, trying many different methods is one of the keys to beating a ticket. But sometimes, despite everything you try, you'll be facing an approaching court date with no other options left. If you're not ready to throw in the towel, you won't have any choice but to go into court and give it your best shot.

Going to court can be quite a daunting event, especially if you've been before. Hopefully we can familiarize you somewhat with the process so that you'll know what to expect. So what exactly is the process and order of events?

First, you'll need to check in with the court clerk on arrival. This is a painless process that just involves identifying yourself to the clerk, and receiving any special instructions (usually nothing). Then the waiting game begins. You won't be the only person whose case is being addressed, so you'll need to take a seat and wait for your case to be called.

The judge will enter the court and begin going through the case load. When your case is called you'll need to move to the front before the judge. If the office has failed to show, the court will probably be dismissed. If the officer is there, the judge will have the officer testify first. You will then have an opportunity to question the officer. After the officer is done, you will be able to call any other witnesses and ask them questions.

Next, the officer will be able to make a closing state, followed by you making a closing statement. This is your final opportunity to plead your case and make an argument with the judge. When you have both finished giving your statements, the judge will make a ruling in the case and you will hopefully have gotten off.

Remember to be pleasant at all times. Try to avoid being argumentative or rude, as these will negatively impact the judges view of you and could cost you the case. Also, remember that you are innocent until proven guilty, so the starting assumption should be that you are NOT GUILTY. The officer will need to prove that you are in fact guilty.

Avoiding tickets altogether is the best option, of course, but if you do receive a citation it may be your only option to get out of it. In that case, review the guidelines above and try to stick to them while you are in court as it will maximize your chances of getting out clean. Hopefully you'll be more careful in the future and avoid speeding tickets court.

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