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Child Custody - Child Custody Plans


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There are more than ten million of children worldwide who have lost their parents due to AIDS and about 125,000 children have become orphaned in America. In relation to this, attention is being given and directed to parents having HIV or AIDS concerning the welfare of their children. This is where the Child Custody Plan comes in. The Child Custody Plan covers the long term welfare of the children whose parents are HIV positive or with AIDS disease as well as other terminal cases of heath diseases.

Custody planning is a process of making decisions on who will take care of a child or children in any event that their parents dies. The process requires sufficient and thorough investigation when it comes to custody planning behavior. Aside from the investigation, the process of Child Custody Plan may require some factors that can help predict the steps in parental custody planning.

There are some systems of caring that can help any parents having complex issues that involves custody planning. It had been estimated that there had been millions of parents with chronic diseases dying without any formal plans on the long-term welfare of their children. One reason for this is that parents are afraid on any realistic fears of discrimination and prejudice. Another reason is the prolong denials of diseased parents on the facts of their illnesses. Because of these reasons, failure is at stake.

The failure on Custody Plans may often result on the higher risk of the children when it comes to their status, character and attitude build-up. This failure may often result to negative outcomes on the children. Without any formal plan in place, the state or country where the child lives has the authority on placing them anywhere such as on social institutions or orphanages. However, this authority is still subject on the wishes of the parents while they were still alive or the decisions of the designated guardians of the child. Furthermore, in cases like these, the legalities of the laws on child custody are even complicated and greater.

There also factors that are predicted to influence the preparation of Child Custody Plan. Among these factors include the social supports, coping mechanisms, lifestyle and physical and mental health. However, these factors are only evaluated as predictors on Child Custody Planning. There are also rules that are bent when it comes to reviewing the plan.

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