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Identity Theft Prevention Tip Exposed

Tom Turner

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Every year people all over the world discover they have bad credit or charges on their credit card that they never made. Unfortunately, these people are victims of identity theft. There are some good ways to avoid identity theft. This article will give you an identity theft prevention tip that just might save you from this terrible crime.

Identity theft has been around for several years. However; very few people ever talked about identity theft before the berth of the internet. Sadly many people think that the only way you can lose your identity is if you buy something online. Yet, purchasing items on line is probably one of the least likely ways that your identity will be stolen.

Copy Everything You Have

You can do something about identity theft. If you own a home, have a bank account or a drivers license then you need to be concerned about identity theft. One identity theft prevention tip would be to make copies of all the items in your wallet or purse. Then if you lose your purse or wallet you will have an accurate record of everything that was in it.

By making a copy of everything you can act quickly. If you end up discovering that your purse or wallet has been stolen you can go to your personal file and recall all the items that need to be canceled.

Memorize Your Social Security Number

The next identity theft prevention tip would be to never carry your social security card in your wallet or purse. Surprisingly many people do carry their social security card because they have never memorized their social security number. This number should be as common or even more common then your phone number.

The best identity theft prevention tip you can do is to subscribe to an identity theft service. With a good identity theft service you could literally allow people to steal any of your personal information they wish. However; the thief will not be able to do anything with your personal information. There are some good services online that cost less than one hundred dollars per year and are as solid as a bear trap. You can feel totally safe no matter what personal information you lose.

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