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SSN Search - How to Trace or Search for People by SSN


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If you have someone's Social Security Number, or SSN, then you've got the key to a variety of personal information about that person. You might think that searching for data on an individual using their Social Security Number is an invasion of privacy, but there are some instances where this can be extremely helpful and ethical.

Let's examine a couple scenarios. Suppose you want to hire a nanny to care for your precious children. With each applicant's Social Security Number, you can learn plenty of information about them to ensure they have clean criminal and driving records. Many employers commonly use Social Security numbers to check the criminal, driving and credit records of their applicants. Speaking of credit, the SSN can help you check someone's rating, which is often necessary if you're selling, leasing or renting a property or vehicle.

Now that you know why you might want to search for people using their Social Security number, let's talk about how this can be done. With online services like you can enter someone's name and Social Security Number to find out more about them. While the initial entry is free, obtaining more detailed information is going to cost a small fee. Another online resource for looking up someone via a SSN is This method is ideal if you are searching your genealogy or attempting to make a family tree.

Of course, you can always hire the services of a private investigator. Most of today's private investigators have lots of modern methods and tools that allow them to track down people and find out lots of detailed information that you may not be able to get on your own. Be advised that this is the most expensive option.

Some investigators will charge by the hour, others by the job. Prices will of course vary depending on your location and how extensive the job is. Usually, you will be able to find out plenty of information on your own if you have a person's Social Security Number, so hiring a private investigator probably won't be necessary.

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