How Much Compensation Money from an Ankle Injury?


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Have you fallen over on an uneven pavement and twisted your ankle? Maybe you had an accident at work and damaged your ankle quite severely. Would you like to know what compensation you might be entitled too?

The amount you could be entitled to would be in the region of £3,000 to £40,000, depending on the extent of the damage. Most ankle injuries are worth less that £12,500 but there are severe cases where the amount would in the region of £29,000 to £40,750. These cases are of a transmalleolar fracture of the ankle with extensive soft-tissue damage which resulted in deformity with the risk of any future injury to the leg might mean the need for a below the knee amputation.

Severe ankle injuries where there is significant residual disability in the form of ankle instability and severely limited ability to walk and an extensive period of treatment or a lengthy period in plaster or where pins and plates have been inserted, the amount of compensation awarded could be in the region of £18,325 to £29,000.

Moderate fractures of the knee where there have been ligamentous tears which might cause difficulty in walking on uneven ground, irritation from metal plates and scarring, the amount of compensation would be in the region of £7,625 to £15,500.

For less serious knee injuries the amount of compensation would be determined by whether a complete recovery has been made or if at all a complete recovery is imminent and the possibility of later osteoarthritis, the amount would be in the region of up to £8,150. If the recovery is within a year the amount would not exceed £3,300.

If any of these describes your injury and you believe the accident was not your fault then you should claim compensation. More than 2.5 million people in the UK have accidents each year, and very few claim compensation for their injuries. Seeking compensation for pain and suffering your civil and legal right. Whatever type of accident, as long as you’re not responsible then you are entitled to compensation. These people that have suffered from injuries due to no fault of their own deserve compensation for their suffering and with UK law the liable party must compensate the injured person for their loss of suffering. The financial loss could be due to loss of earnings or due to damages to their car or any other personal item. In some extreme cases the loss of a job and whole way of life might be lost. Some people may have to adapt their homes to deal with the injury permanently. Also stress depression and anxiety are all illnesses that may not have occurred if the accident had never happened. This is why it is ethically right that people should have the opportunity to claim compensation for their injuries however mild or severe they maybe.

“Conditional fee agreements" or better known as the “no win no fee" was introduced in 1995 when legal aid was still available for personal injury case. The reason it was introduced was to give the people with incomes above legal aid eligibility limits the chance to fund personal injury litigation. People whose income was just about the limit were still finding it difficult to pay for a solicitor. This “no win no fee" agreement eventually became available to fund most civil cases and the consequence of this was that legal aid was abolished 2000. Contrary to popular belief there has not been a compensation boom, in fact the number of claims has dropped since this time.

So if you have damaged your ankle and have suffered as a result, you should be seeking out a accident claims solicitor. You want to find one that offers free impartial advice and one that has years of experience dealing with accident claims.

Accident claims for the UK market contact Accident Consult for your no obligation consultation. They are experts in dealing with Ankle Injuries . Free to republish this article providing this resource box remains intact with a working hyperlink to our site.


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