Side Impact Collisions, Car Accidents & Auto Crash Lawsuits

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Side impact collisions are a very common type of accident. These collisions occur when the front of an oncoming vehicle strikes the side of your car, causing a strong impact. Side impact car crashes are responsible for around 9,000 deaths every year. The only collisions that are more deadly than side impact collisions are head on crashes. In 2004 around 26% of all fatal car accidents and about 31% of the non-fatal car crashes were the results of side impact collisions. Sometimes these accidents happen at intersections when someone fails to stop for a red light or stop at a stop sign. These types of accidents are certainly preventable.

After a car crash, many people don’t realize their injuries are serious. Just because a victim’s head isn’t bleeding, doesn’t mean they are perfectly fine. Closed head injuries often occur after car accidents and almost 2 million people suffer from these types of injuries every year. This usually occurs when a car crash victim’s head suddenly hits a hard service at a fast speed without penetrating their skull. This type of collision results in internal injuries within the brain. Windshields, steering wheels, car seats and dashboards can all injure the brain. Because the brain is the most critical organ in the human body, it is also the most fragile. In fact, in some cases it doesn’t even matter if there is any impact at all. Whiplash alone can even cause a closed head injury.

Pedestrians share the roadways with motorists and have the right of way, but no person can stand up to a car that is barreling down on them. Physics will prevail, and pedestrian knockdowns are becoming more and more common now that the roads are more and more clogged. Many pedestrians knocked down by cars suffer extensive injuries such to their head, spine, bones, internal organs, and general health. When these people are injure, the attorneys at can help them get the justice they deserve.

The roads aren’t the only dangerous places in the country. Personal watercraft accidents are most likely on the rise, and due to more disposable income many Americans have these potentially dangerous machines. Unlike other vehicles, anyone can purchase a watercraft and use it at almost any age and without proper education and safety precautions. This means thousands of people are on the water right this second with dangerous killing machines that can kill and maim at any moment.

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