Increase your Chances of Taking your Child by Hiring a Louisiana Child Custody Lawyer


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Child custody is the important issue next to divorce. After parents decided on their intent of filing petitions for divorce that will nullify their marriage with each other, they will now be facing off each other on family courts for arguments regarding who between them have the right to take their children under custody.

A though most state laws guarantee mother’s custody to the child prior to the start of hearing child custody cases, most fathers will not let go of their right to place the children under their custody. After all, they are also parents- part of the creation of these children who are now center of the issue and the one who are suffering from the problems arose from their parents’ differences.

In cases where custody matters inevitably need to be taken into courts for more legal battle, it is important that you hire a child custody lawyer. These lawyers specialize on cases with regards to child custody as well as the laws and regulations governing the legal dispute. He or she will be the one who will argue and fight for your right if you think you are the one that has the capability of taking care of your children based on the existing circumstances as well as state laws. Moreover, he or she will be your legal adviser when it comes to laws governing child custody cases. And if the case falls within the state of Louisiana’s jurisdiction, it is just wise that you hire a Louisiana-based child custody lawyer.

State laws passed on Louisiana are relatively different from laws passed on other states. Such laws passed on Louisiana are said to be based on so-called Roman jurisprudence unlike in other states where the English jurisprudence is followed. The former is passed through the legislature and the judges are only interpreting it. In other words, their rulings can not affect the rulings of judges on other states, although they have the same legal case tried on family courts. Louisiana child custody lawyers have that wide knowledge and necessary expertise when it comes to laws governing child custody cases.

In getting a Louisiana child custody lawyer, there are certain qualifications and considerations you need to think about. Although he have that wide knowledge over Louisiana laws, it is important that he or she can give priority to your case before anything else. There are lawyers that are quite busy with their other cases, often neglecting yours. Try to find out if he is willing to dedicate his time and expertise in fighting for your custodial right over your children.

Also include in your checklist his affordability. Inquire about their rates, whether they are asking for a per-hour or a per-appearance basis. This will enable you to figure out if you can compensate him while your case is running on Louisiana courts. Furthermore, there must be a written contract between you and your lawyer, stating the agreed services and payments in order to avoid misunderstandings on the end.

Most of all make sure that you have the odds or high chance of wining the child custody case against your spouse. Your Louisiana child custody lawyer will be the one to evaluate the circumstances and assess the possible success or failure of your case. Whatever the case may be, your Louisiana child custody lawyer will be the one who will fight for your right on your children, whatever it may take.

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