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A classroom that has effective management is an essential skill that will have to master in the beginning years of my teaching career. To be effective I will need to focus on positive not the negative, have time management, and will engage the students in the lessons and activities.

Management needs to focus on the positive and not the negative. Positive language and encouragement keeps the student involved and wanting to learn more. The positive language that I will use as a teacher lets the students know that I am approachable. This will encourage students to come to me when problems arise; whether it be an academic or disciplinary actions including controlling a bully, someone being picked on, or a personal problem. This will help build a supportive climate to help prevent discipline and learning problems.

Building a supportive climate as a teacher will need time management. A teacher's time is precious, whether it is with planning lessons or spending some extra time with another student. As the teacher will have well-planned lessons that flow throughout the day. I will be able to manage my time in a stressful situation. I will be able to see how my students understand the lessons and if more time needs to be spent on explaining or more time with activity time. Spending time with each student to show that I do understand where they are coming from whether it is the student is not understanding or is. . Managing my time to help the students deal with their problems, and helping the student find solutions to solve the problem. Time management and essential key to managing the classroom.

With a well planned lesson a teacher need to show their interest in the lesson. If I manage my enthusiasm, by showing my true passions and not being excited over every little thing students will become engaged in the lesson will encourage learning. When I am a teacher I will have different ways to engage my students through activities, hands on and off, through verbal and nonverbal excitement. My students will be actively involved in learning. The students will understand exactly how the teacher, myself want them to behave. The students will know through experience and by knowing the rules of the classroom. My classroom will be comfortable for the students, and free of distractions such as the blinds closed so that the students cannot see other students on recess. Another good way to keep good management is to maintain eye contact with the students to keep their attention.

As a teacher I will deal with problems when they arise using nonverbal communication such as a touch on the shoulder to calm a student down. I will speak softer and slower to gain a students attention for the moment. I will use humor to laugh off a minor incident instead of making a big deal of it, when a student has thrown a paper airplane, I would reply with “Buddy I'll bet the Air Force could use you to help design airplane, now let’s get back to work. " Dealing with unacceptable behavior I will use the appropriate punishment for the discipline.

Management has so many aspects, a teacher needs to be well organized to deal with time management, a well planned out lesson, and encourage the class that learning is fun and teaches everybody so much. I know that some aspects of my management will change as the time and my experience as teacher grows. I want my management to encourage and let know that I want them to succeed, if consequence some before the success it makes the success something that the student had to work for and learn from.

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