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A background search is conducted to find out more about an individual or a company. Oftentimes, a background check is intended to determine if you have a previous criminal record even if it means accessing information that is restricted to the general public.

One of the primary reasons a background search is undertaken is for pre-employment screening. Your future employer could double check the verity and credibility of the information that you have provided in your curriculum vitae. Sometimes, employers use background checks to contact the references you have provided and get additional references that you may not have identified for them. A background search is critical for those professions that require dealing with sensitive information or interaction with segments of the population that ask for special care like the elderly and the disabled.

Another purpose of a background search is for the purchase of handguns because it is important that weapons are not sold to anyone who has a previous conviction or record of violence. A background check is also relevant for purchasing restricted firearms where the same qualifications apply. The rise of terrorism and negligent hiring lawsuits has also made background searches more practical and necessary.

What Information Is Revealed in Background Checks?

The extent of a background search is highly dependent on how much you are willing to learn and how far you are willing to go to get the information. The contents of a background check include, but are not limited to, criminal and litigation records, driving records and licensing records. Education records such as transcripts, diplomas, SAT scores and other details about the academic background of an individual can also be included. Employment records, on the other hand, may not only contain a list of previous jobs and positions held but also the performance of the employee while thus employed.

Drug tests are also an important part of a background check since this gives insight into the character and ethics of an individual. Some companies have even made this a compulsory step in their pre-employment process.

Background Checks – Easier Conducted Than Ever Before…

Because of the Internet, conducting a background search has become easies than ever. An online background search is available to anyone, often for a small fee. But offering an online background check to the general public has also raised numerous issues regarding the privacy. Remember that you have a right to know if a request for a background search has been made and even then, some information including bankruptcies after ten years and any other negative information after seven years cannot be included anymore.

Still, wouldn’t you want to know exactly what others are finding out about you? Go and conduct a background search on yourself and see what you can come up with.

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