Houston DWI Lawyers: A Guide


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When it comes to Houston DWI lawyers, you have plenty of choices. You can find them spread throughout Houston and its suburbs. You can locate them either through online resources or find them in yellow pages. A Houston DWI attorney will be able to protect you in case you are facing a DWI charge. A good Houston DWI lawyer should have detailed knowledge of the DWI laws governing Houston. Know about the laws that are applicable to your particular case. Before hiring the services of an attorney, do a bit of homework. You can always consult with your friends or colleagues, as they may have availed the services of one in the past. You can also ask for a referral from your attorney. A good referral always means that you are convinced of your attorney’s capabilities to protect you.

A DWI conviction can carry a number of serious penalties which could affect you for a number of years after the fact. You can even loose your license. It is therefore important that your Houston DWI lawyer can argue your case forcefully and could protect your legal rights. Generally speaking a person can be charged for a DWI offense if their blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent or more. Younger people below the legal drinking age can also be charged for driving while being in an intoxicated state. DWI laws have implied clauses which require you to compulsorily submit to chemical testing at the request of law enforcement officials. Refusal to do so means enhanced punishment. There are also a number of other circumstances that can enhance your punishment to harsher levels. This is where the services of a good Houston DWI attorney are of vital importance.

A good Houston DWI attorney can help you reduce the charges against you. He/she may legally argue and point out the deficiencies in the chemical testing process. Your DWI attorney can also protect you from going to jail or paying hefty fines. A Houston DWI lawyer can bring to light a number of things that the law enforcement agencies may have done wrong, during a DWI arrest and help potentially mitigate charges against you.

A Houston DWI conviction also means that you have to deal with your insurance company. Your insurance company may increase your premium or even drop your coverage. A Houston DWI lawyer is better placed to help you out with these institutions. A Houston DWI lawyer is there to ensure that your legal rights are not compromised.

Houston DWI Lawyers provides detailed information on Houston Alcohol Treatment, Houston DWI Arrests, Houston DWI Defense, Houston DWI Fines and more. Houston DWI Lawyers is affiliated with Houston Criminal Lawyers .


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