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An alarming number of birth injuries have been recorded in the U. the recent past. Such injuries, arising out of complications during labor and delivery, can have effects ranging from mild bruising to brain damage, permanent disability, or even death. While mild birth injuries such as forceps marks are quite common, a doctor must anticipate and monitor more serious complications or face the threat of a lawsuit.

Oxygen deprivation during birth can result in severe brain damage, seizures, mental retardation, or other behavioral and emotional disabilities. In some cases, oxygen deprivation can be caused by natural factors such as the size or position of the baby. However, serious birth injuries can also be caused by mistakes made by the medical team. Infants who survive birth injuries often need to be rehabilitated over many years, even if they are not permanently disabled.

If your child has suffered a birth injury due to medical negligence, you are entitled to compensation, which a birth injury attorney can help you to get. Even if you are unaware of the actual extent of the injury caused, consult an experienced birth injury attorney immediately after the birth of the child. Medical negligence is usually very difficult to prove and a good birth injury attorney will help safeguard any evidence, build a proper case, and figure out the damages likely to arise as a result of the injury.

Time is of the essence to ensure that hospital records are not lost or destroyed over time and that relevant witnesses can still be located. A birth injury attorney will also ensure that you file a case before the statute of limitations applicable to your state expires. Any hospital or doctor fearing a potential lawsuit will also start putting their own legal process into motion, so no time must be wasted in hiring an experienced birth injury attorney who will evaluate the damages and help you obtain them.

It is not easy to live with the aftereffects of birth injuries, so don’t let a hospital or a doctor coerce you into a hasty and inadequate settlement without consulting a birth injury attorney.

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