Kids Bad Habits - Are They Really "Bad"

Steve Arun

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Imagine that you have invited your best friend and her family for a dinner. She arrives, all decked up, cheerful with her dear Hubby and her little ones smoothly sailing along. All is so perfect, clean, tidy and classy about your family and your house. Such a good evening and such a good impression, you feel so happy inside!

Pleasantries over, a soft drink or two later, both the mothers bring their little ones onto the nursery rhymes and poems’ ‘presentation’. Your little one is a real winner with ‘Twinkle-twinkle’, ‘Baa baa black sheep’ etc all ell recited. ‘Aaachhoo’, he sneezes and all good manners fly out of the window! Up goes his finger, a good one-inch inside the nose, ‘Baa baa’ becomes ‘Baa(n) baa(n)’. ‘Watch your manners!’ you guardedly raise your voice.

Nose picking, thumb sucking, nail-biting etc are all natural to kids as they grow up.

They do it because they (simply) like it. It may be soothing to suck the thumb; nail biting may be the exhaust fan to their tensions or nervousness, and so on.

But how to get rid of these messy habits?

Some points will definitely come handy and useful:

* Maintain your calm; making a fuss about it will prolong the ‘bad’ behaviour.

* Never call your child bad; the habit is ‘bad’. Say so to your child, soothingly.

* Don’t insult or constantly nag your child. Offer positive encouragement.

* Charmingly, ignore them as long as the ‘bad’ behaviour persists.

* Talk to the older kids about how difficult it is to quit a bad habit. Encourage them to – leave it as soon as they can. They will.

* In worst situations, politely tell them to leave the room, enjoy their ‘bad’ behaviour in the next room and return to the party when he or she is finished.

Just give this a thought, put into practice, and believe me, you will really ask yourself the question, ‘Are the habits really bad?’

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