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The Perfect Gifts for Older Children

Edmund Brunetti

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Once a child outgrows the stuffed animal and toy cars phase and right before they’re truly a teenager, buying gifts for them becomes a bit harder. They’re no longer at the stage where you can get any random toy and they’re not quite at the stage where you can start buying them adult gifts either. If you’re stuck and don’t quite know what to get for them, reading this should help you out. The type of gift they like will of course depend on their personal preferences as well, so don’t buy something mentioned here if you’re sure they won’t like it.

Since they’ve outgrown the toy car stage, it might be time to upgrade them to something a little bit more mature, like car models. Collecting diecast model cars is a great way to give them something that still has enough novelty to it to excite a child, while simultaneously being mature enough for them to enjoy as they get older. Giving them this gift could be the beginning of a lifelong hobby and interest in cars and their models. This is a great gift for any child and can become a fun family activity as well if you decide to collect with them.

If you’re not sure whether they’d like car models, you can get them something less involved. Between the ages of ten and thirteen, most children start to listen to more music and they develop their taste. Asking them what bands they like and then getting them CDs or merchandise of that band would be a gift that they will go crazy over. If you have the money, you could also splurge and get tickets to take them to their very first concert. If you’re willing to sit through a One Direction concert with your daughter, you’re definitely father or mother of the year.

Diecast model cars aren’t the only item you could buy to give them a hobby. If they’ve been expressing interest in an activity like ice skating or playing an instrument, invest in getting them the best gear for that hobby and then make sure they nurture that interest and work hard at it. All children should have hobbies and if they truly like what they’re doing, they’re more likely to be successful at it. Even if their interest isn’t the typical hobby you’d expect a child to have, encourage them and get them everything they need.

Taking a child out for a fun day could also work as a great present. Going to a theme park or horseback riding might just be the most fun thing they’ve ever experienced especially if it’s the first time that they do those things. A day trip to a location that they’ll enjoy will be a great present because it will build memories and they’ll be able to experience fun in a safe environment. No child is going to say no to a spontaneous trip to Disneyland.

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