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The Benefits of IVF treatment

Edmund Brunetti

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Many people don't like the idea of ‘test tube babies', but there are many benefits to making use of IVF treatments. Infertile couples visiting an IVF fertility clinic will find new hope of having a child of their own and starting a family. This is of course the main reason why IVF treatments are so popular.

In the case that a woman is infertile, a donor egg can be inseminated and placed inside her womb during an IVF procedure. The previously infertile woman will have the chance to experience pregnancy and giving birth thanks to this procedure. Weak sperm can also make it difficult for a couple to conceive, but luckily the ICSI treatment can help men overcome this obstacle. During this procedure, the man's sperm will be injected directly into the egg and then placed into the woman's womb.

Fertility testing is the first step for couples who struggle to conceive. Once the couple and their doctor receive the fertility test results, they'll know what steps to take in order to have a child together. It's important to do these tests because it is important to know which one of the couple is infertile and why they are infertile.

For example, a man with weak sperm would be considered infertile. In this case, the doctor can use his partner's healthy egg and perform an ICSI treatment in order to inseminate the egg. Conversely, if it's found that the woman does not have healthy eggs for whatever reason, a donor egg can be used.

There are also cases where the woman has healthy eggs, but there is some other cause that stops these eggs from being released. An IVF fertility clinic can then simply combine the couple's sperm and egg before performing an IVF procedure. These reasons are why it's important to do fertility testing. The fertility test results will often determine which method the doctor chooses to use in order to help the couple conceive.

A big bonus of babies born through IVF is that they are less prone to developing birth defects. The so-called ‘test tube babies’ have the advantage of receiving superior genetics and development, leading to a strong and healthy child. These children will have no disadvantages compared to children who were conceived naturally. Medical professionals agree that through IVF treatments, they are able to learn a lot about prenatal and postnatal care and development, which could benefit future generations.

While there might have been a stigma around conceiving this way in the past, it has already started to fade away. IVF offers couples a chance to be parents and it gives life to strong, healthy children. As long as IVF is a practiced medical procedure, infertile couples will have hope of starting their own families together.

As the technology advances and more is discovered on the topic, treatments improve constantly and make it easier to treat infertility. The benefits of IVF definitely outweigh the disadvantages by a long shot.

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