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Kids and Electricity: How to Protect Your Child from Electrical Hazards

Nataly Perekhrest

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In a modern world, it is impossible to use the prevailing amount of home appliances without electricity. Almost any device we use at home on a regular basis is powered by electricity. This is very convenient and time-saving, indeed. At the same time, the abundance of electrical appliances we have at home poses threat to our children, who do not know much about electricity and the rules of using home appliances.

Babies and Electricity: Ways to Childproof Your Home

Are your children too little to understand the importance of this issue? If so, then your number one task is to childproof your home to make it safe for your son or daughter. Little children are very curious and smart and you can hardly understand the ideas that come to their minds every minute. That is why, experts underline that it is better to prevent the problem than to regret about not having done that afterwards. Childproofing your home does not take much time, but it may help save the health and life of your kids in the long run. In fact, you should start childproofing your house or apartment after your son or daughter is born. This is because children grow too fast and it is impossible to predict when they will start crawling or walking. Well, you obviously have two or three months to handle the problem, but the time goes by very quickly and your little baby will soon start making his/her first steps, driven by the desire to explore the surrounding world. This is where the following recommendations will come in handy to you:

• Are there any outlets in your home you don’t use at all? If so, then it is a must to remove or secure them safely. There are special plastic inserts available on sale these days, but some of them can easily be removed from the outlet with no special effort. Thus, it makes sense to invest in special safety outlets, which make it impossible to insert something into them. This is very important when it comes to child safety.

• Most people use extension cords in their homes to maximize the efficacy of using electrical appliances. If there are any extension cords in your house or apartment and they are within the reach of your kid, you should obligatory hide them under the floor covering or behind the furniture.

• All electrical appliances should be stored on shelves and other surfaces, which are out of your child’s reach. This concerns all kinds of devices you use every day, be it kitchen, bathroom or living room appliances.

What About Elder Children?

If your children are grown up enough to understand the importance of your words, then you should explain to them what makes electricity so dangerous. You should also point out the basic rules of using home appliances. If needed, you should download and print out electrical safety posters, which are specially created for kids. Such posters should always be within the reach of your kids. It is recommended to hang them on the wall in a child’s room so that it could be easier for a kid to memorize the message. Listed below are several things your children should always keep in mind. These are the points you should repeat over and over again to make sure your son or daughter has learnt them by heart:

• It is strictly forbidden to insert any objects (or fingers) into an outlet, no matter what someone tells
• Home appliances should never be used near those areas, where there is water
• It is not allowed to put metal objects into microwave ovens and toasters
• When putting a plug out of an outlet, it is important not to pull it by the cord
• Climbing on power poles and playing near the power lines is strictly forbidden as well
• If there are any warning inscriptions or other signs, children should obligatory obey them, even if they do not understand their meanings. It also makes sense to provide your kids with the essential information about these signs and show them the examples.

Electricity has always been associated with increased health and life risks. Take your time to find out more about the ways of protecting your kids from electrical hazards in this article. More detailed instructions on how to use electrical appliances are provided in the online user manuals available at .


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