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Spend Less Than A Dollar To Sponsor A Child In Africa

David Martin

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Child Sponsor

Are you aware of the fact that there are hundreds of poor children dying from hunger each year? Before you reach any conclusion it is important to understand the real worth of your life. There is no one to estimate the actual value of your life. Million dollars is just nothing in front of precious life given by God. Do you agree your life is irreplaceable and priceless or do you want to put price tag over it?

Generally, we all are used to put price tags on almost everything that we want to own. However, when it is about taking decisions of our existence, we feel hesitated and don’t get idea what to start with. Of course, it is difficult to evaluate our own existence. However, if we talk about Third World Child, it becomes easy to state that their life worth less than one dollar a day.

Each one of us must think about it. A child can lead a good life if given a very small help worth only a dollar. Moreover, you can be the one supporting this great cause. You can get the privilege to save one life. Think about it, your one outing with friends cost you the same amount that can be utilized otherwise to help a kid’s living for a month. It is extremely sad, but true. The money you pay to the shopkeeper for buying a simple coke can help you feed a poor African child for a complete day. You can give your valuable contribution to sponsor a child in Africa . This will be your greatest deed towards humanity.

There are special child sponsorship programs that readily support deprived kids to feed them and help them to lead better life. You can support charitable trusts that carry out sponsorship programs for collecting resources like monetary funds. This not only helps to save children’s life, but also support in donating bright future to the less privileged kids. When it comes to sponsor a child in Africa, even a small help can do wonders. A little ray of hope can bring ample happiness in life of needy African children.

Your obligation as a responsible citizen does not end at feeding poor children, you need to contribute heavily for providing better education to them. These privileges will benefit them to build a strong and prosperous future. It will help them to attain sustainability in life and make their world more beautiful.


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