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All about Glow Sticks or Lightsticks


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Glow sticks can provide with bright light when you need it the most, during parties or while decorating your home. Glow sticks are especially helpful in case of emergencies. These are affordable, fun to have and safe to use, so you don’t have to worry about any extra expenses while purchasing them.

Glow sticks can be a great replacement of emergency lights. As you might have noticed in some movies or television shows, glow sticks when turned on emit a very sharp luminescent glow, providing light. These can be very useful during emergencies and especially during natural disasters when there is no electricity, and there is a requirement of light everywhere.

How do Glow sticks work?

Glow sticks are a result of a chemical reaction within the stick. They are made up of a solution that contains a fluorescent dye, hydrogen peroxide and phenyl oxalate ester, which when mixed to together result in a series of chemical reactions, and release energy in the form of light that is emitted from the stick. These chemicals are actually stored in separate chambers, and for them to be activated, you need to bend the stick which breaks the chambers letting the solutions to mix and react.

The light from these sticks can last up to 30 minutes or maximum for an hour. If you heat the glow stick, it can provide with brighter light, but would exhaust very soon, and if you freeze them, the light would be frozen for quite sometime, and exhaust eventually. It is as efficient as a torch light and is inexpensive when it comes to maintenance. There are other glow stick manufacturers who claim that their product last up to 36 hours or more, and this depends on the fact that enough chemicals are in the stick to last as long as 36 hours. These are a safer option as compared to candles. The extra light you need around the house can be well handled with the help of these sticks.

Glow sticks are quite popular among children as they love the colorful glow emitting from them. This is why the producers have made them available in different shapes and sizes, such as bracelets, necklaces, or glow whistles. Children can handle them without being afraid of getting burned. These sticks are available as party products too, in the form of glow balls, glow balloons, glow ring, glow glasses, and many more; you can completely decorate your party area with it. The dance floors also look fascinating, with nothing but occasional flickers of the disco balls and glow sticks in the form of rings or necklaces swaying around. So, the next time you are planning for a party, do not miss to add them in your decoration check list.

They are popular and comparatively cheaper as compared to other decorative items. They can be used for decoration, as well as help you during any emergency. There are plenty of online stores with their glow products that you can check out in case you want to buy them online.

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