10 Steps to Making 2005 Safer For Your Child


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1. Listen to your child/children. Pay attention to what they are telling you or trying to tell you. Far too often parents are too busy or distracted to listen to what their children are trying to tell them. Don't make this critical mistake!!!

2. Teach your child what her phone number and address are. This is crucial for basic child safety.

3. Make time for your kids. If you share your time with your children, you will create the trust it may take for them to open up to you and share something that might be bothering them.

4. Trust your instincts. Nothing is as powerful as a parental instinct. If you have a suspicion, err on the side of safety and trust your instinct.

5. Teach children about boundaries. It can be somewhat uncomfortable, but teaching a child about what is appropriate and inappropriate play, touching, etc. , can be the difference between an empowered child who can ask for help and a child who is far too trusting. This “trusting” nature of an innocent child could lead to him/her becoming a victim of a child predator, for example. To learn if there are convicted molester’s living near you, get a FREE ZIP CODE SEARCH

6. Make rules about safety and enforce them! For example, if a child knows that he may not play outside of his yard without asking for permission, you are helping yourself and your child. Firstly, you are sending a message to your child that you care about her safety and surroundings while at the same time, you are helping yourself to quickly identify a “suspicious situation" if the agreed upon boundaries are not in place.

7. Get to know your children's friends and their parents. This is especially important if your child is going to be spending time at another child's house. There is nothing strange about setting up a time for you, as parents, to meet and discuss any expectations you might have regarding the visit, i. e. that a parent will be in the home with the children at all times. You might also consider - and I recommend - getting “The Child Abuse Prevention Letter"

8. Tell your children that you love them. Explain that there is nothing that he or she could do or tell you that would make you stop loving them. This allows children the freedom to tell you anything that has happened to them that they may be embarrassed or ashamed of. Predators know that they can trick a child into believing that she or he is at fault for being molested. Sadly, very often this trickery works and children blame themselves completely for what is happening to them.

9. Keep several current color pictures of your child on hand if an emergency situation arises. Usually a picture from the shoulders up works best. Complete the “Child ID” Form and keep it in a safe place.

10. For more information on this and other tips, strategies and guides to keeping yourself, your family, and your property safe, Click Here Now.

  • Please note: These tips are provided as recommendations to help protect our nation's children. The Guardian Company and/or its’ Associates makes no guarantee that these tips will insure your child's safety.

    Carl Ellis is the owner of The Guardian Company: http://www.theguardiancompany.com

    Ellis is also freelance publisher and software developer. His products include Family Safety eBooks, children’s educational software, and more - If it involves “family”, then he’s involved! Visit his site today!

    DISCLAIMER: Any representation, statement, opinion or advise expressed or implied in this publication is made in good faith and on the basis that The Guardian Company, its’ agents, employees, associates are not liable - whether by reason of negligence, lack of care, or otherwise - to any person for damage or loss whatsoever, which has occurred or may occur in relation to that person taking or not taking - as the case may be - action in respect of any representation, statement, or advise referred to herein.

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