Bully Zapping Step #6 - Alert the Staff!


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Bullying in your school is a concern. You have tried many programs, conferences, office referrals, announcements, and bullying continues. Bullies have been successfully zapped using Bully Zapper’s 11 Simple Steps. Here is a description of Step #6.

So, the bullying has not stopped, but at this point the bullying may have improved in that it is not happening as much. Every little bit helps. Bully Zapper Step #6 is to alert the team of teachers that work with these students. I either visit a team meeting or send a memo to the team to tell them to be alert and report any bullying they observe between these 2 students to me.

At this point, you need some adult reports because soon a parent or parents need to be informed that their child has been reported bullying by students as well as adults!!

Alerting the administration at this point if you have not done so already is appropriate. They are able to observe these students in the halls, cafeteria, etc. And, if the bullying does not stop, eventually they will have to get involved. So, involving the administrators at this point will give them a sense of history of the bullying incident.

I also inform the bully and victim that I am alerting the adults to the continued teasing and harassment, and tell them that the staff will be providing me with reports about the bullying. As another warning to the bully, I tell him/her that if the bullying does not stop, their parent will be called.

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