An Unthought About Decision


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Most of the time we barely think about what the true consequences of a bad decision can be, and on those occasions when we do think about the consequences, we usually end up lying to ourselves. We find some way to justify what we’re doing and make it seem not as bad as it really is. I use to think like this until I experienced the consequences of a truly bad decision. Let me explain; I heard that some people were going to be drinking at the school football game and thought it’d be fun to be wasted at the game. I drove to the school around the time we agreed to meet up to start drinking. We all sat in my parent’s car in the school parking lot drinking out of the bottle getting drunk. I didn’t think about how I was going to get home, I couldn’t drive home being as intoxicated as I was, but I figured I’d worry about getting home later.

We walked into the football game and I don’t remember much after that. About 20 minutes into the game I blacked out and when I became conscious again I was in a hospital bed with my mom at the side. I didn’t remember how I got to the hospital or anything. The next morning I was faced with many questions, most of them having to do with why I drank, how I was going to get home, what could I of been thinking making a decision like that? I really didn’t have answers for these questions, because they’re all pretty much based on why I didn’t make a better decision. I didn’t think about what would happen if I got caught, how it would affect my life, what consequences there would be.

There were many consequences I had to face from my bad decision, but the worst ones to me were losing the trust of my parents, getting my license taken away, I have to pay an over two thousand dollar hospital bill, and my grades in school dramatically slipped. I now find myself thinking on a more than weekly basis why didn’t I think the decision through? How could I have made such a bad decision?

The next time you’re going to make a bad decision that’ll have negative consequences, take a minute to actually think about what the possible consequences will be if you get caught or something goes wrong, and how they will affect your life. Then make your decision.

My name is Jonathan Burdick, I was most unfortuante to make a very bad decision one night that I'm still suffering the consequences from. I just want to try to stop people or make them think about the consequences of a bad decision before they actucally decide what they're going to do.


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Indecision Is Still A Decision!
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