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So What is This Bakugan and How Do You Play?


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So what is this Toy? Much like Pokemon, Bakugan features both a cartoon show and a competitive card game, with many accessories to accompany it. The show can be seen on Cartoon Network and features the cards and marble characters that are portrayed as beings from another dimension. Bakugan is quickly becoming the latest hit in character battle games. It has been selling quickly in toy stores across the North America, and was named one of the top toys of 2008 by some magazines. Bakugan marble-like spheres magnetically morph into powerful Bakugan warriors when they roll onto the metal Gate Cards! Use strategy to place your metal Gate Cards effectively as each card affects the battle differently. Master your precision shooting skills to roll your Bakugan into battle and win! What are the kids saying? Eight-year-old Kole Kramer and his brother, Carson, 9, have been hooked on Bakugan ever since a friend this fall showed them how a magnetic card activated a closed sphere, which opened and transformed itself into his small Bakugan Battle Brawler warrior. “We said, ‘COOL!', " Carson says to his friend. “He showed us lots of wild battles. I told our mom and dad about it and when we got some I said, ‘Kole, do you want to battle me?’ What the parents are saying? These non-electronic toys give her kids a chance to use their imaginations and have fun together. Besides, she values the toys as incentives.

How Do You Play?

Step 1: Choose your 3 bakugan. This is probably one of the most important steps because you need to decide what bakugan you will be using the entire game. You may want to use bakugan if you have their character card or if their printed g-power is really high. Also, you may want to use bakugan who have the right g-power to work with your command cards.

Step 2: Choosing your gate cards. You shouldn't choose more then 5 gate cards because it gets confusing and it takes a long time to play the game. Now gate cards you might want to choose are character cards that show the bakugan character you are using because then on that card the printed g-power of that character is doubled. Other cards you might want to choose are cards that subtract g's from your opponent. It is always easy to fight an opponent who has low g-power. Also you want to choose cards that boost your overall g-power as well that are always good. Now if you have any command cards in which you can set a trap with you will probably want to use those but make sure to check to see exactly what they do otherwise you might lose the battle.

Step 3: Know how to calculate g-power. When I calculate g-power in a battle I always start by noting the bakugan's printed g-power. Then I add to that number any bonus they got from the gate card, and then lastly, I add any ability card boosts and then repeat the process for my opponent. Important: Once that battle is over the bakugan's g-power return to their normal printed g-power and do not stay at the power level that was gained in the battle.

Step 4: Begin the brawl. The youngest person goes first so they would start by saying field open, but this part is usually said in unison so for simulation purposes. “Field Open", in unison. Then the youngest player starts you off by setting down a gate card and shooting a bakugan. However, this part since it is the first turn is also usually done in unison. Make sure to say the names of your bakugan when they stand. “Gate card set bakugan brawl", in unison. “Haos terrorclaw stand", says haos brawler. “Darkus fear ripper stand", says darkus brawler. Now the battling really begins in the next round and the youngest person actually starts. “Gate card set, bakugan brawl haos mantris stand", said the haos brawler. Now you can have up to four players at a time in the brawl no more. In this battle, however, there will be only two brawlers. Now it is the darkus brawler's turn. “Gate card set, bakugan brawl darkus reaper stand", said the darkus brawler. Now the darkus brawler set down another gate card but didn't shoot his bakugan onto it. This move is perfectly legal but in every turn you have to shoot a bakugan unless you have no more bakugan left to shoot then you can call a stay and not do anything. Now since darkus reaper had to role somewhere let's find out the outcome: he rolled onto the haos brawler's gate card so now we are in a real battle.

Step 5: Doing battle on a character card. Now it is time to really do battle. Now that two bakugan that don't belong to you are on the same gate card there is a battle. So the owner of the gate card would say gate card open. “Gate card open", said the Haos brawler, “Character activate". The reason the haos brawler said, “character activate" is because this was Mantris's character card which means his printed g-power is doubled. But, what is its printed g-power? To solve that problem, after the gate card is open both players who have bakugan on the card say battle begin! If you had a bakupod it would say mantris starting g-power is. . . But, since you don't since they don't exist you have to say battle begin (in unison), bakugan's name, and their printed g-power (starting g-power). “Battle begins" both brawlers say, “Mantris starts battle with 350 gs" says haos brawler. “Reaper starts battle with 370 gs", says darkus brawler. Then whoever has the advantage gets to say advantage and then their bakugan's name. “Advantage Reaper, " says darkus brawler. It is at this point that the final boost is added and the person who owns the gate card says, “Gate card boost activate" and the final g-power is added. “Gate card boost activate, " says the haos brawler. This enables any character abilities to activate and the other boosts and subtractions that are listed on the left side of the gate card. Then you would list the final g-total by saying your bakugan's total gs. “Power boost recognized mantris now at 750 gs, " says the Haos brawler. This is because when the character card boost was activated, mantris gained 350 gs because the printed g-power was doubled since it is mantris's character. That puts him at 700 gs. Then another 50 is added from the boosts that are on the side. “Power boost recognized reaper now at 550 gs", says the darkus brawler.

This is because reaper didn't get the boost from the character and instead just got the side boost which was 180 gs not to shabby if you ask me. Now there is one final step that can change the out come of the whole battle ABILITY CARDS!!! Ability cards are special cards that allow you to help yourself in a battle when it appears that you can't win with the gate card and bakugan alone. So if you're using an ability card you would say, “Ability card activate" and then the name of the ability card then explain what it does. "Ability card activate", Darkus Unison brawler says. Darkus Unison is an ability card that allows you to shoot another bakugan onto a gate card either from the field in your used or unused pile, but only if it is undefeated. Now, I just made that card up because I needed to show you how ability cards can change the whole battle. So now the gs of darkus fear ripper and darkus reaper are combined so then you say the following: “Darkus Fear Ripper enters battle at 320 gs" says the darkus brawler “power boost recognized total g-power at 870 gs". This puts the darkus brawler ahead by 120 gs. “Advantage Reaper and Fear Ripper" says the darkus brawler. Now the battle is over because the haos team didn't want to use any abilities so the darkus team wins and mantris is defeated and cannot be used again this brawl. Fear Ripper and Reaper can be used again. It is now the Darkus brawler's turn because he won the battle. Calculate HSP.

Step 6: Continuing the brawl. Now it is the darkus brawler's turn, since he won't say the same thing you did last time. “Gate card set, bakugan brawl darkus laser man stand". Now it's the Haos brawler's turn. “Bakugan brawl haos tuskor stand". Haos Tuskor stood on Darkus laserman's card so there is yet another battle.

Step 7: Battling on a command card. As usual the brawler who owns the card would say gate card open. “Gate card open command card activate triple battle" said the Darkus brawler. Now the reason that the darkus brawler said command card activate was because that this wasn't a character card it was a command card. A command card is a card that lets you do different things that normally you wouldn't be able to do. You say command card activate and then the name of the command card in order for it to activate you also have to explain what it does. “The triple battle gate card allows me to shoot another bakugan onto the gate card so your haos tuskor is toast!" said the darkus brawler. “Bakugan brawl, darkus reaper stand" said the darkus brawler. So now once again the haos brawler is going up against 2 bakugan on the same gate card. “Battle commence", brawlers say in unison.

"Haos tuskor starts at 330 gs" says the Haos brawler. “Darkus laserman and reaper start at 720 gs" says the darkus brawler. “Gate card boost activate" said the darkust brawler. “Power boost recognized tuskor now at 400 gs" says the Haos brawler. “Power boost recognized darkus bakugan now at 1120 gs" says the darkus brawler. Also, I forgot to mention, that when your two bakugan have the same attribute on a gate card their bonus doubles. If they are different attributes, then each Bakugan receive their own separate bonuses. Once again, the Haos brawler has failed to mach the g power of the darkus brawler and tuskor is out of the game. Since there were 3 bakugan in the battle that is 300 HSP and this time no boost from the card. The way you can tell is that the HSP points you can gain from the card are listed in the bottom right hand corner of the card. If nothing is there, there is no HSP bonus.

Step 8: The final step. Since the darkus brawler won again he gets to go first. “Gate card set, bakugan brawl darkus laserman stand", says the darkus brawler. “Call back Bakugan brawl, Haos terrorclaw stand", says the haos brawler. Now the reason that the haos brawler said, “call back" first is because terrorclaw was already on the field, so he brought him back to shoot him again. Now, terror claw stood on reapers card. This is a regular gate card brawl. “Gate card open" says the darkus brawler. “Terrorclaw enters battle at 370 gs", says the haos brawler. “Reaper enters battle with 370 gs", says the darkus brawler. “Gate card boost activate", says the darkus brawler. “Power boost recognized, terrorclaw is now at 500 gs", says the haos brawler. “Power boost recognized, reaper now at 500gs", says the darkus brawler. “Ability card activate Bright light", says the Haos brawler “bright light is an ability card that allows me to boost my haos attributive bakugan by 80 gs. " “Ability card activate sword of death", says the darkus brawler. Sword of death ability allows me to decrease your bakugan by 180 gs and increase mine by the same number. “Power change recognized terrorclaw now at 400gs", says the Haos brawler. “Power change recognized reaper now at 680gs, " says the darkus brawler. The darkus brawler wins and has a final score of 900 HSP while the haos brawler has zero.

Final Step: Don't stop yet. There is one more thing. Calculators, paper, and pencils are all very help full when it comes to calculating g power and hsp and recording it. I find it much simpler when you can just punch in the numbers on the calculator or on paper instead of doing it all in your head. So are you ready to heed the call to Brawl? Let the brawl begin!

After the battle is over you calculate the HSP holosector points. The way you do this is the winner adds up 100 points for each bakuan that was in the battle; in this case it is 300 points. Then you add up how many points you earned from the card sometimes you don't get card points and sometimes you do. Let's say that on the mantris card the winner gets 100 bonus HSP so that means that the darkus brawler would get 400 hsp from that battle.

About Doug Janchik: He's been Bakugan brawling with three of his kids since his first Bakugan Starter Pack purchase a year ago. They all love the different characters and the various outcomes in the brawls. Here's the best place to buy your favorite Bakugan Starter Pack and get more info


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