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Educational Games For Children - The Importance of Learning & Stimulating the Mind While Having Fun


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Thud, thud, thud. The sound of the ball being bounced against the wall, outside. You try so hard to resist the urge to run outside and scream ‘Stop it!’. Why? Because you know you'll be met by those two words you hear so often, “I'm bored". This is especially true during the many and long school holidays.

We know that it's sometimes difficult to keep kids happy, no matter how hard we try. It's important they have fun, but it's also important that we stimulate them too.

It's not easy for most of us to be spontaneously creative when posed with questions such as; “What can kids make"? “How can I come up with a wide variety of quality things for kids to do"? “What about craft for children"?

Fun games for kids can also be learning games for kids. Here's a perfect example.

Take a few coins, get the kids to make some bank notes from scrap paper, grab a few household items, a little imagination and you've got a shop. A fun game now becomes a math game too. Buying, selling, counting out the money, etc, all while having a great deal of fun. A variation is the café. Pretend to order a meal, pretend to eat it, get the bill, pay the waiter/waitress and get the change. Don't take it too serious.

Craft for kids is great, but what about free craft ideas? Well, how about this?

Take an empty 2-litre ice cream container, some kids paints, pens, crayons, sequins and a glue stick. Now a personalized storage box can be made. Let the kids decorate the container with their own designs. When completed, it can be used to hold dolls clothes, hair accessories, small plastic animals, toy cars, etc. Not only will it keep all those ‘'bits and pieces'’ together, but the kids may be keener to tidy up when they're using their own hand made storage box. Older children could use the box for storing make-up, etc.

It's good for kids to be creative as they can learn some valuable lessons while still having fun. To this end, children have always enjoyed spending many happy hours building and playing in their own secret den. These dens can range from a simple blanket over a kitchen table, right up to the more elaborate construction made from large boxes and lots of tape.

The kids could ask the neighbors if they have any boxes from large household appliances they may have just purchased, or alternatively, boxes can often be picked up from the local supermarket or from the back lanes that people are discarding.

With a little creative thought, a wonderful den could be built, with corridors, rooms, windows and doors. The kids will have a great time playing with torches and having picnics in their secret den, and it's guaranteed that they will have many hours of fun.

Here's another idea that would appeal to older children and it's a fun way for kids to make a little money.

You can pick up craft packs, such as beads, cards, etc, from thrift shops. You provide the materials; the kids make the products.

Have them work out how many items can be made from the pack. Then they should calculate how much they would need to sell the item for, to make a profit. Now, they can set to work making things, which when complete can be sold to family or friends. As their skill grows they will produce much better results and be proud of their accomplishment.

Who knows, before long there could be special requests from people wanting a bracelet to match their outfit, or a hand made card for a special occasion. Before you know it you have a budding entrepreneur on your hands. Once they get going, they can even pay you back the initial start up costs. They learn to do math, do something positive and make a little cash. Everyone's a winner!

Jan & George McNaney welcome you to visit their site to discover over 100 free and low-cost activities, that are guaranteed fun ways to stimulate any child's mind during the long school holidays. Including ten new effective strategies for children of all ages to generate pocket money, and for them to learn some valuable entrepreneurial skills along the way.


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