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The History of Toys Over Time

Victor Epand

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Toys sure have came a long way since the first doll made literally thousands of years ago in ancient Egyptian times. Imagine this, the first doll was made with basic fabrics and paper pulled together with some string! Nowadays we have complex toys made of plastics, alloys, rubbers, and so many other materials too many to mention. But not only have the materials advanced, now toys can transform, move on their own, and even speak!

Let's look back at some of the original toys back in ancient times. The first doll was made somewhere around 2000 B. C. Sure, try to hand a child a paper doll in these times. They probably wouldn't appreciate it like children back then would. With so much time and effort it must have taken to make these by hand I'm sure they would love to play with those paper dolls. Other than the doll there was kites and yo-yo's and real basic board games that resemble our modern day chess.

Now we're going to skip ahead a few thousand years into a more recent period. Not many more toys where invented until the 1800's. Within such a small span of time so many toys became popular such as stuffed animals, toys cars, and even speaking dolls! Did you know the first talking doll was made almost two hundred years ago? Alphabet blocks also became a popular learning toy during this time.

On to the 1900's now. Pretty much by now every toy has been made at this point. But the 1900's is when all the major technological advances started coming to life. Early in the century there where battery operated toys, Legos, balloons, the View Master, and of course I can't forget Barbie, probably them epitome of all girl's dolls and toys in general. The stuffed bear became popular during this after being name the Teddy Bear after one of our presidents Sir Theodore “Teddy" Roosevelt.

OK let's bring it back recent times now. The only one thing left to do now really do now is to make the toys even better by implementing some real technology into the toys. Toys that walk on their own, toys that can talk back to you?! OLD NEWS! Try motion sensory technology, voice activated, and terrain adaptable toys. Ancient Egyptians would be scared of some of these toys we have invented nowadays. Yes, toys have advanced quite a lot over the years, and remember in their own time they were always fun to play with as toy were meant to be. Fun.

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