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Barbie Versus Bratz - Who's on Top?

Victor Epand

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Hot on the heels of the 1980s Cabbage Patch Kids craze and the 1990s mix of walking, talking and cartwheeling dolls came a new generation of trendy dolls imaged after real life. Kids are now able to find an overwhelming assortment of dolls that sport outfits just like theirs, wear intense makeup, and have realistic-feeling hair that can be styled a variety of ways.

It comes as no surprise that Barbie has led the pack for decades, inspiring the latest, flexible-type figures. A prime example of these hip, streetwise dolls is the Bratz collection. Debuting in 2001, The Bratz line presented a vivacious new approach to playtime. The dolls were an instant hit and by 2004, outsold Barbie in the United Kingdom.

The Bratz lineup originally consisted of only four girls, each featuring an urban, edgy look. Over time the collection has evolved to include Bratz Boyz, Bratz Babyz, and Bratz Petz (which has since been discontinued), in addition to other lines and versions. The Bratz dolls became famous for their oversized faces and features, making them an instantly recognizable component of toy and department store shelves.

Although the competition between Barbie and Bratz continues in the United States, Barbie remains on top. In 2005, MGA Entertainment, who introduced the Bratz line, filed a lawsuit against Barbie-based Mattel, alleging Mattel's “My Scene" line copied MGA Entertainment's famous facial features. Mattel retaliated with claims that Bratz creator and toy designer, Carter Bryant, worked with Mattel when he came up with the idea. In 2008, Mattel was awarded $100 million in damages.

Barbie, despite some minor updating, has retained her trademark fresh-faced, delicate features. After five decades, Barbie's massive marketplace keeps Mattel at the top of its game (literally), as the company's best-selling line. However, like the Bratz lineup, Barbie has had her share of problems; in 2002, Barbie's pregnant friend, Midge, was pulled from the shelves due to parents’ overwhelming concern that an expectant doll was not a suitable role model for young children, despite the fact that Midge was “married".

In the grand scheme of the lucrative toy industry, the newest wave of modern dolls has changed playtime for young children. Dolls’ clothing lines now rival that of Paris runways, available in almost every style imaginable. With the addition of each new piece of clothing and accessory comes a new world of imagination for kids. Children can dress their dolls for any season, take them from their cozy house to a camping trip, or turn them into their favorite professional.

Rest assured, no matter which line of dolls a child finds appealing, their deepest desires will be fulfilled through a seemingly neverending world of imagination.

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