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Peer Relationships and Getting Good Grades

Eric Mayo

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Our relationships play a large part in shaping who we are. Among our most powerful influences is our peer group. Our peer group is the people we associate with who are similar in age, background, social status and interests. These people influence our beliefs and behavior.

Teenagers make decisions about who they call friends by who they identify with or want to identify with. Even though some teens prefer to go it alone, the desire for a teenager to fit in and to be part of a group is almost overwhelming.

You are about to make some serious changes in the way you do things. You want your grades to change so you are going to have to do things a lot differently. Where does your current group of friends fit into your new lifestyle? Do they want to see you be successful? Are they supportive of the fact that you are not going to do some of the things you used to do because you have to devote more time to your studies? Look at the people you spend the most time with. Do they encourage you to do your best? Are they working hard to do well in school? If not then you may consider some new friends or spend less time with them. Negative people will sooner or later pressure you with their negative habits.

Combat negative pressures by learning to say no. If someone is trying to get you to do things that make you uncomfortable or will work against your goals, just tell them that you would rather not. Make no apologies or excuses. Just say no.

Studies show that kids who get good grades are involved in sports or other activities, such as music and other arts, tend to avoid peer groups that are into negative and destructive behaviors. Peer pressure is the number one reason teens get into drinking, drugs, smoking, and criminal behaviors.

Not all peer pressure is negative. Members of positive peer groups set plenty of good examples for each other. Having peers who are committed to doing well in school or to doing their best in a sport can influence you to be more goal-oriented, too. Being around positive, goal-oriented people can help you develop positive habits. They also can be a source of encouragement.

Work to develop positive relationships and avoid negative peer pressure.

Eric Mayo specializes in professional and personal development with special emphasis on life skills and job readiness training. Eric has over 20 years of corporate and educational experience which he uses to help people improve the quality of their lives.

Eric has been studying, learning, applying and executing the art of personal achievement and leadership throughout his career. It is truly his passion and his gift. He combines a straightforward approach and real-world perspective with a presentation style that is inspirational and motivational. His primary message is, “Independence through Self-Reliance. "

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