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Toys of the 1950s - How to Enjoy Them With Your Children and Grandkids


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There's something about 1950s toys that just makes us smile. Though they lack the batteries, blinking lights, and loud noises of modern day toys, they have a way of transporting us back to simpler times. What's great about these toys is that they can still be enjoyed today and for less money than all the high tech toys that are being sold. With just a few creative touches, you can make these toys just as appealing to your children, if not more so, than any of their modern equivalents.

Here are some ways you can make these 1950s toys more enjoyable starting today.

Mr. Potato Head

You can't mention 1950s toys without acknowledging Mr. Potato Head. While we're all familiar with this fun little guy with changeable eyes, mouth, ears, it may be less known that this was the first toy to ever be advertised on television. To enjoy this toy with your children, try to boost their creativity by having them write or tell stories about the different personalities they can make by changing the facial features of Mr. Potato Head. Or you could create different looks for Mr. Potato Head and have your children act them out for helping them with their imagination.

Hula Hoop

When thinking of 1950s toys, one of the things that might come to mind is the Hula Hoop. This toy has become so popular the new hit video game, Wii Fit, includes a mini-game where you use your own body to make a character on the screen swing a Hula Hoop around their body. Can't shell out the money for the Nintendo Wii? No problem. Try holding a Hula Hoop competition with your children and record their results over time. They'll have fun and get exercise at the same time. To make this even better, use several Hula Hoops and see who can spin the most around their waist at the same time.

Barbie Doll

In 1959, young girls got a toy that would become their new best friend. At long last, Barbie made her entrance into the 1950s toys scene. Any trip to a toy store today shows that she's just as popular today as she was then. To enjoy Barbie with your children today, you can purchase video games like Barbie Fashion Designer and help them imagine life in the fashion world. Or you could also award points for chores your children complete that they can use towards purchasing new items for their Barbie dolls. If you look at popular online games like Neopets and Webkinz, you'll see that this system really works for motivating your children.

1950s toys can be a great alternative to the loud and obnoxious toys that are available today. While it might be easier to entertain your children with expensive products, often it's best to use tried and true products in new ways to help them boost their creativity, get them exercising, and help them get their chores done.

Visit Toys of the 1950s for a selection of games, dolls, trains, and other toys from your favorite era.


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