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Ways For Teens to Make Money Internet Marketing


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If you're even remotely similar to me when I was a teen you want money for anything and everything new, especially during summer holidays. You know how it is, new cell phones come out, the next best gaming console is released, new games, new music, clothes, saving for a car, etc. but you don't just want it - you want it now. Don't feel bad I was the same way; to an extent nothing has changed - I still want that 65" Sharp Aquos LCD HDTV baby. I'm sitting here looking at a wall of 3 LCD monitors - what does that tell you?

It should tell you 1, I like technology and it's always changing and 2, I can afford to buy luxury items and don't live buying just the bare necessities. Here's the real kicker; I have no high school education. Okay that's not true, I dropped out after grade 10 - DON'T do this; seriously it was the worst mistake I have ever made, period. The reason I mention this is because literally anyone can make money doing Internet marketing, I started when I was 18 and continue to make money to this day. As a teen all that is required to receive the money you earn is that you have a bank account.

So the first step is joining an affiliate network - oh yeah I didn't mention that yet, my bad. The most common form of Internet marketing is affiliate marketing; it's also the easiest to get into, that's what you should be looking into first. Affiliate marketing is when you sell other people's products for a commission; all that is required is a website, in some cases you don't even need that. Sounds like a sexy deal right? Hold on to your hat cowboy we're just getting started.

The next thing you need to decide is what product you want to promote/sell - actually the first choice should be what kind of product, physical or digital/informational? Physical products = you know, stuff you can hold. Digital = e-books, videos, software, access to membership sites, etc. I've personally had more success with informational products but some people make a living doing affiliate marketing with physical products. Once you figure that business out THEN you decide what product; I got ahead of myself for a second there.

Affiliate marketing is rather easy work once you get used to it - the first month will be hell I'm sure. You'll go from frustrated to happy to throwing your cat across the room in zero to sixty. As you getting going and everything starts to click you're in business baby, you'll be making a couple hundred a month - then it'll snowball to $500 and continue to grow as long as YOU continue to put in a solid effort. If you're having trouble making sales you may want to consider buying an e-book or two that will explain exactly how to do it - taking a shot in the dark is no fun at all; I've been there and I've done that.

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Best Ways to Make Money For Teens This Summer
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