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The Role of Rebellion in Teenagers


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Rebellion is a stage of development in many teenagers lives. Some may go through their rebellion against rules as teenagers and some may rebel all of their lives.

Does everyone have rebellion?

Not everyone goes through the stage of rebellion at this early stage; some experience their rebellion in their forties whilst others are constantly in that state.

Passive rebellion

A passive rebellion is the state where a teenager will rebel by coloring their hair, piercing their body or having tattoos.
Adults may do it buy saying yes to the boss when ask to do something but they never actually get around to doing it.

Active rebellion

An active rebellion is the stage where the parental figure and the teenager are in constant battle.
For example: The parent will have set a time limit for the teenager to be at home and he or she will rebel against this.

Carving out an Identity

The role of the teenager is to find their identity and they cannot do this without rebellion against the one they love who has rules to follow in the home.
The teenagers need to feel that they are different and not like their parents. They also need to feel that they have a voice in what goes on in their lives.

Is rebellion good for you?

Rebellion is a stage of maturity that many people pass through.
Majority of people passes through some form of rebellion in growing up.
This stage of development is similar to the two year old who most often says “no. "

How does the parent deal with rebellion?

A majority of parents dislike and have a hard time with rebellion.

They do not get enough help in understanding that this is a part of the developmental stage in a child's life.

What does the parent need to know

If the parent can continue to have a structure with rules, limits and consequences for breaking the rules, this helps the child to find their identity.

It is necessary for the child to look for ways to break the rules and for the parent to maintain the rule as much as possible.

The teenager fights to be an adult and wants to be taken as an adult.

Sometimes they may want to be a child again and not take on all that responsibility.

Within two to three years the rebellion stage will be over and the child will find their identity.

Conclusion: Rebellion is a stage of development that children go through in becoming adults.

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