Summer Jobs For Teenagers And Kids- Part 1


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Finding summer jobs for teenagers has not always been easy, but now you no longer have to worry about what your kid can do to earn their own money. Recently I found some different sites online that offer information about what kids can do. Below is a group of questions I have thrown together to help you come up with ideas to get your child working this summer.

Working outside:

What do you have to do each summer to make your lawn look nice? What do you have to do to keep up your garden, or gardens? What has to be done around your house outside to go from winter to spring, spring to summer?

Working inside:

Are there any chores you specifically do not like to do? Would it be easier to have someone do all your once a week chores?


Would it be nice to have an occasional helper for the kids? What kinds of things do you do as a family? Which of these things could you do together to make money?

The easiest way for you to find ways for your child to make money is to think about inconveniences. Such as the questions above, think of things you need done, or would to have done, and what you would consider paying for these things to get done. Once you have some ideas, you can sit down with your child and talk to them about what they would be interested in doing. Then once you have an idea of what they want to do you can help them come up with fair prices.

After this to advertise you would want to start with your friends and family or your neighbors. Preferably you would want to only have your child working with people you know and trust, or in the least bit you could have your child pick a partner. That way with each of them carrying cell phones, even those without service can call 911, they will be much safer.

Part 2 of this article is about a resource you can use called 68 Proven Money Makers for Kids and Teens. To check it out go to


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Teenagers and Kids Fascinated About Mobile Ringtones
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