Care To Dance? Trying To Explain A Child's Joy

Trevor Kugler

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There is power in children; there should be no question about that. How can a child who is three years old persuade a grown man who doesn't dance to give it a try? By yelling and screaming and throwing some sort of fit? By getting a hold of an unlocked firearm? No, none of these tactics would work, but when she's your daughter all she has to do is ask. That's right, all she had to do was ask her Dad to dance and it was a done deal, and that's what happened recently.

How did this happen? This is the same guy that was married for seven years and never remembers dancing with my now ex-wife! I'm sure it probably happened at some point, more than likely induced by alcohol, but I surely don't remember it. But now that I'm divorced and my daughter lives with me, all she has to do is ask, and I'll happily dance with her, and share in her joy.

It's amazing to me how life seems to work out exactly like you need it to. I mean, when things are happening in real time, many times you say to yourself, “why in the hell am I going through this?" Then, after the dust settles and you have a chance to reflect a bit, you realize that whatever happened was exactly what was supposed to happen. It truly is amazing how this universe works. Three and a half years ago my biggest concern was how inebriated I was going to get on a particular evening and whether or not I was going to go fishing beforehand. Now I'm happily dancing with a three year old, and can't imagine how I was ever so selfish. As I said before, it's amazing how this universe works. The joy that my daughter demonstrates doing the simplest things, such as dancing, touches me in a very powerful way. Isn't that the same kind of joy we're all supposed to bring to everything we do? It seems to me that this should probably be the case. I mean if that's how we come into the world, why shouldn't we stay that way? I know, it's much easier said than done, but it seems to me, if a three year old can make a grown man dance (and enjoy it), we should try to figure out what's behind a child's joy.

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