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Your parents cannot build a wall around you to keep you safe from everything that can hurt you. They can teach you how to avoid trouble but, in the end, you will have the freedom to choose what you will do with your life. For example: they can tell you not to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or use drugs but your parents will not always be with you to make sure you do what they say. It is when you are alone or with your friends that you will have to make the choice of whether to listen to them or choose your own way. Some times, we as children, think we know more than our parents know. The following story demonstrates the consequence of thinking that way.

Out in the country there was a beautiful yard surrounded with a high fence. It was a big yard with lots of hills and high trees and many rabbits, squirrels and gophers running around. Mr. & Mrs. Wright lived there in a lovely country home. The Wright’s had two dogs that they loved very much. They had a young black and white Dalmatian named Frisky and an old, proud German Shepard named Duggy. The Wright’s built the high fence around their yard to keep their beloved pets safely inside.

Frisky and Duggy should have been very happy because they could run up and down the hills, hide behind the trees and chase the rabbits, squirrels and gophers. They had lots of food to eat and water to drink, because their owners took good care of them.

They were silly dogs though, instead of running and playing like most dogs would, they spent all of their time sitting at the gate of their fence watching cars go by. When they saw a car they would get all excited and jump up and down and bark until the car disappeared and then they would sit at the gate and wait for the next car. Frisky would say to Duggy, “why did our owners put up this big fence? I know there is something exciting they are trying to keep us away from. Duggy was older and wiser than Frisky and said, “ I don’t know Frisky, I have never been outside the fence and it scares me: besides, it’s not so bad in our yard. ” Frisky was determined to find a way to get out of the yard to see where the cars were going.

Frisky came up with an idea. He started digging a hole under the fence and as he dug it became bigger and bigger. Duggy just watched, curious but afraid. Finally Frisky had a hole big enough to squeeze through. When he got to the other side of the fence, he looked back at Duggy and said, “Come on!” Duggy nervously squeezed under the fence too.

They had their freedom. They were out of the fence. Frisky ran and jumped with excitement. Duggy was nervous and wondered if they had done the right thing. Frisky was determined to find out where the cars went. He ran to the end of the road and discovered a larger road, full of all kinds of cars. He decided to run after a red car to see where it was going but the car was going too fast and Frisky couldn’t catch up. He stopped in the middle of the road to look back and discovered another car right behind him. Before Frisky could get out of the way, the other car hit him. Duggy watched with horror as he watched the whole terrible event. He ran to the side of the road where the car had thrown Frisky. Blood was coming out of Friskies’s mouth. Duggy nuzzled Frisky with his nose but Frisky didn’t move. Frisky was dead. Duggy stood looking at Frisky for a long time and tears ran down his face. He wished they had stayed inside their safe fence. Frisky would then be alive. Sadly Duggy walked home.

When Mr. & Mrs. Wright found Frisky, they both cried and were sad for a long time. Duggy was very lonely and sad for a long time too. Mr. & Mrs. Wright saw how sad Duggy was and wanted to help him, so one day they brought home a surprise, two Dalmatian puppies. Even though Duggy missed Frisky very much, he was very happy to have two new friends. Duggy told them about Frisky and taught the new little puppies to love their yard, to run up and down the hills, hide behind the trees and chase the rabbits, squirrels and gophers and to forget about the cars. Duggy had learned a hard lesson. He now understood why Mr. & Mrs. Wright had put up the big safe fence.

Children, this story teach us that Mr. & Mrs. Wright were able to put fences around their pets to try to keep their pets safe, but your parents cannot put real fences around you. Your parents attempt to put imaginary fences around you with their rules and council, hoping you will be wise enough to listen to them and stay behind their safe fence, but it is up if you will be obedient. In the end, you are the boss of your own life. Don’t be like the foolish dogs who didn’t stay inside their safe fence. Be wise and listen to your parents and stay behind the safe fences they build for you with their rules and council so you can stay safe. Your parents have built these safe fences or rules for you because they love you. Be smart and build a safe fence around your life by choosing to be obedient so you will always be safe.

Frisky and Duggy were real dogs. Frisky was hit by a car and as a result died.

Wise parents know they can’t build a wall around their children but that they must build a will within them to choose the right.

Eva Fry's mission is to help others become better and happier. She is an inspirational author, singer/songwriter/ motivational speaker and seminar leader. Eva has published three books - “YOU MUST HAVE A DREAM" -for seniors, “BE A WINNER IN LIFE"-for good kids, troubled kids and their parents. “LETTERS FROM JUVENILE HALL, KIDS HELPING KIDS" (Actual letters from kids at Juvenile Hall, intended to save other kids from destroying their lives) She invites you to use the FREE ARTICLES she has written for: at- risk kids Also FREE ARTICLES of inspiration to help meet life's challenges. She has produced 7 Music CD's

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