The Child Safety Act of 2006


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Back in September 2005, the Child Safety Act was passed in the House and had gained bipartisan support. The Senate had strongly made their effort to support it, but several attempts to fasten an unassociated hate crimes amendment to it is has caused the bill to stop in its trails. The Child Safety Act of 2005 then gradually dies so as the hope to protect children from *** predators.

Fortunately, on May 4, 2006 a new child protection act was passed as a result of the bill backers’ strong demand for a law that will help protect children or minors from the sex offenders and the like. Prior to this approval, Congressman James Sensenbrenner who developed the Child Safety Act of 2005 and who chairs the Judiciary Committee, re-introduced the Children’s Safety and Violent Crime Reduction just last December 2005.

Following this re-introduction, John Walsh who first developed the Child Safety Act of 2006, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and other supporters of the bill have formed an aggressive campaign to bring the new bill passed into the law. It is so fortunate for them and for all the citizens that the new bill was approved and signed by President Bush just in July 2006.

The Child Safety Act of 2006 was passed and approved as part of the law with the following purposes:

* Elevate the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Program to a new level to make sure that the sex offenders will register and keep current where they live, work and attend school

* Require quarterly verification, in-person verification and regular notarized verification mailings

* Need public access to the state websites

* Form or create the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website to look for sex offender information in every community

* Develop and expand the terms to cover the juvenile sex offenders

* Need states to notify one when a sex offender moves or transfers from one state to another

* Develop the sex offenses covered by registration and notification requirements so to cover the military, tribal, foreign, and sex crimes. In addition, the Child Safety Act of 2006 will work to increase the length of registration requirements to protect the public

* Lengthen the community notification requirements to include active efforts so to inform the law enforcement companies and agencies, schools, social service agencies, public housing, and volunteer organization in certain areas where sex offensive crimes are rampant.

* Develop a new criminal penalty that will reach for the period of 20 years incarceration for sex offender who refuse to comply with the requirements for registration

* Finally, the Child Safety Act of 2006 is strongly maintained to protect the foster children from *** exploitation and abuse

Today, the Child Safety Act of 2006 is again attacked by certain criticisms. But with the bill already approved and signed by the President, a new victory is attained and what the bill supporters are doing now is to make this law a top priority.

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