How to Make Board Games for Parties

Gail Leino

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If you learn how to make up your own board games for parties you’ll find that you can create an easy themed board game for every party.

You’ll need:

  • Heavy Cardstock or cardboard

  • Printer

  • Poker chips

  • Color ink

  • Glue

    You’ll be able to create the playing board for your themed board game with a simple paint program. A basic board game involves moving pieces along a series of spaces until they reach the end and whoever reaches the end of the spaces first is the winner.

    So, on your paint program you can experiment with creating your own design of a series of playing spaces. You might pick a colored background or could even download a picture relating to your party theme to stand in as the background on your playing board. Your spaces can be the circles, squares, and triangle shapes that many paint programs allow you to insert. Fill these spaces with white or other lightly colored background and using the text insert tool you can insert instructions associated with your specific game. Instructions can be things like, ‘move forward three spaces, ’ or ‘pick a trivia card and follow instructions. ’

    Once you have your playing board designed you can print it out in sections on pieces of paper. You’ll then glue or rubber cement these pieces to the heavy cardstock you purchased that will serve as a backing for your board game.

    You can also look up interesting facts related to your party’s theme and use them in creating trivia questions for the board game. The player’s pieces can be represented by poker chips or something other small object. And you can use a pair of dice for the players to roll in deciding who goes next. After that you can create the rules to go with your own created board game.

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