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It is a fact that today it is very hard to find a toy that is both fun and educational. Most toys today are violent in nature and can be harmful to your child’s psychological development. This is why you should choose your child’s toy wisely and be sure that it can be fun to play with and at the same time educational.

If your child is in preschool, one of the best toys available today is the Dora the Explorer Toy. You may have watched the show on Saturday morning cartoons, and you may notice that it is really fun to watch and at the same time very educational for your child. With colorful graphics and great storylines, you can be sure that your child can really learn from Dora the Explorer TV show.

Dora the Explorer cartoons are great because it is designed especially for preschoolers in a play-along adventure where they can identify things found in nature, like animals, plants and other things that they can learn about. They can interact with Dora by helping the cartoon character solve problems as she journeys through forests, lakes and other places that will surely excite your child.

Because of the popularity of the show, Dora the Explorer merchandise is now available in stores. They have school bags, lunch boxes, coloring books, pillows and even toys designed like Dora the Explorer.

It is a fact that toys are a part of a child’s development. They play with it to have fun and it enhances their imagination. Dora the Explorer toys are great because they can learn from it. For example, in Dora the Explorer coloring books, a child can enhance their imagination by letting them determine what color they should put in an object. They will color each object based on what they see in the TV show and in the surroundings.

They also have printable activity pack which is available online. You can easily download it and start printing it right in your own home for free.

Since the TV show will include teaching your child some basic Spanish words and phrases, there are available toys that can teach your child about the language and also a little bit about Spanish culture. You too can spend time with your child and learn a bit of Spanish yourself. The toys also includes problems which your child can solve with your guidance and at the same time, learn something.

Dora can also teach your child math and develop their music skills the fun way. You yourself know that learning while having fun is a great way to absorb lessons rather than forcing your child to learn how to count. With Dora the Explorer, your child can really absorb what is being taught because they have fun in the process. It is much easier to remember things if you are having fun.

Dora is also available in puzzles where your child can enhance their imagination by figuring out where to put each piece of the puzzle. They will surely have fun figuring out where to put each piece for hours.

Dora the Explorer toys are available in different age varieties. You should choose which toy to buy for your child according to his or her age. This is because some toys for older kids can be more complicated and may leave your child bored and some can be too easy to figure out. The toy should be both challenging enough to your child and at the same time, provide education.

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