That Dirty Rascal Grigory Yefimovich Rasputin

John T Jones, Ph.D.

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There is still interest, even fascination, with that dirty would-be-monk, Rasputin of Siberia, who captivated the grand-daughter of Queen Victoria of Great Britain, Alexandra, who happened to be the bride of Nicholas, the Tsar of Russia.

Read about Rasputin at That is a compilation from Internet and other sources.

The blue-eyed creature from the north held a mystical captivation over Alexandra.

Rasputin, who was a charming but filthy pig, was a healer having learned the “healing arts" in Greece and the Middle East.

Alexandra was captivated by Rasputin for one reason. He seemed to be able to help her young son who had inherited hemophilia from his Royal Line. When ever the boy suffered from uncontrolled bleeding, Rasputin was there with his hypnotic blue eyes.

Rasputin gained political influence. That angered Tsar Nicholas.

Could you blame the Tsar?

This dirty old man is hanging around his wife staring at her with those piercing eyes.

When Nicholas went off to fight his cousin, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, he dreaded leaving Alexandra home with Rasputin. Things went into motion and Rasputin was murdered with cyanide, with bullets, by drowning, or all of the above.

The autopsy reported he died by drowning according to the first source. For more details on Rasputin’s death from those who lived at his time go to http://www.spartacus.

That rat, Rasputin, had a wife and kids of his own. I heard that Roscov the Hermit was looking after her. Just kidding!

To learn about Rasputin’s early life go to This is an excellent article and a fascinating read.

His father was a horse thief who was sent to Siberia.

A funny thing happened on the way to the river: His sister, Maria, possibly an epileptic, drowned in a river and his brother, Dmitri, died from pneumonia after being rescued from a river (along with Rasputin who was trying to save him).

Rivers were not healthy for that family.

No wonder that Rasputin hated water.

Could anyone blame him?

Rasputin had two children. Can you guess what their names were?

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