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Whether it’s looking for information on the safety of your toddler’s toys or finding out about your teen’s chats, searching for financial help for single parents, or looking for advice on a teen’s job, isn’t it amazing how much time you spend worrying about your child? We are all looking for help as parents.

Isn’t it funny how the minute that the nurse hands you that tiny bundle how your whole world changes? You were care-free, you were spontaneous, you were a pretty cool person; you hold that baby for 5 minutes and you turn into your parents! It starts out with colic and teething. Is your child developing as quickly as they should? Why aren’t they talking yet? What worries you changes with their height.

Then suddenly it’s off to school and there’s a whole 8 hours in their day that is unaccounted for; your input seems to be minimal and your opinion counts for less. You hear about something horrible happening to a kid somewhere and you instantly feel nauseous. Could that happen to your child?

As they get older, you start to wonder if they’re going to be able to make it all. How can someone who is 13 and can’t remember their gym uniform going to hold down a job at 16? Or go off to college and live on their own at 18? And if they don’t pull up their grades, are they even getting into college?

We always hear about how raising a child is so different now, what parents have to worry about is so much more difficult. I believe it’s been the same set of worries since time began, just with a different name. We just have more ways of KNOWING what we’re all thinking now. So what are we all so worried about?

1. My Child is not safe online

We have all heard the horror stories and watched the news reports. Predators are out there, it’s true. Has the Internet given them a whole new venue? You bet. How can you protect your child? Give them something to do online! Do they really need another 4 hours a night of idle chit-chat with their friends? Why not give the opportunity to have an online business and make some money!

2. My Child is not learning ANYTHING in school

I’ve been there, you’ve been there; you ask your child what they did at school today, “Nothing. " Or better what they did do at school that day had nothing to do with learning; it actually stopped whatever learning could have taken place. Do the public schools in this country need improvement? Most definitely! What can you do about it? Make sure they’re learning at home, from you and other sources you support about business. How could you involve them more in your own business? How could they be working? What could they be given the opportunity to learn then?

3. My Child spends every minute of life (fill in the blank, watching TV, playing video games, on the phone)

Gone are the days when most of us have a farm so the kids have a few hours of chores to do. Keeping up with what little household responsibilities they may have takes a matter of minutes. Homework is a breeze, which leaves hours of free time that must be filled. Think about how much better that time could be spent, working on a business. And they would have something to show for it!

4. My Child has terrible self-esteem

Ugh, teenage angst; the roller coaster ride of emotions, one day you’re on top of the world and the next you want to hide in your room and never show your face again. It’s difficult to feel your best when you’ve got all this inner turmoil and energy with nothing to do but focus on your problem “du jour". Having a part-time job or their own business can do wonders for a child suffering with poor self-esteem. The amount of money they make is secondary to the VALUE they will associate with their time and their ideas. When you know your time and ideas are valuable, other day to day problems seem less overwhelming.

5. My Child Couldn’t Be Responsible for a Hole in the Wall

Sometimes don’t you wish there was a video that you could play that would just cover everything for you? The standard video of, “Call at this time and don’t forget that thing, and make sure you bring home this book and where’s your lunch?" It would be such a time saver! If you’re tired of being the one who always has to cover what your child forgot, lost, broke or didn’t do, give them something really big to be responsible for! Something that if they forget, lose, break or don’t do what their supposed to, it’s all on them. The consequences for not running their business in a responsible manner will be huge; and make them broke! And you can save all that time you’d normally spend nagging.

Whatever your child-rearing worries are, much can be accomplished through giving teens jobs, or better yet, starting a business. Your child will be learning, growing, utilizing their time, becoming more responsible and paving the way for future success. Best of all, they will be learning how to think for success: find something you love and DO it. If they can do that one thing, not only are they going to grow up “OK", but they will have a happier, financially abundant future.

And you can stop worrying. There is help for parents – and it’s in helping your child help themselves.

Cheryl Hall ( ) has the keys for parents to help their children become financially successful. She has created 3 courses to help children learn how to think about money and start on the road to wealth and independence; Millionaire Kids 101, 201 and Millionaire Masters. Cheryl is a successful real estate investor and has been helping new investors start on their way to financial freedom.


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