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Computer Stock Picking Improve Your Stock Returns


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Computer stock picking is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your stock market investments and boost your chances of profitability.

To any individual investor one of the greatest problems they face is the huge amounts of data available to them. The development of the internet in particular has meant that there is now a huge amount of data (most of it free) available to would be investors. The first problem is that there is now data available on every conceivable sector, market and sizes of company. This now means that you have the information available to be able to research and potentially invest in virtually any company with a stock listing. In addition to this the granularity of data available has increased massively in recent years. Not so long ago only basic data (such as historical prices, profitability etc) was available or stocks that were listed outside of the main exchanges or indices.

Many investors suffer from what is known as analysis paralysis. There is so much data to analyze and consume that all of their time is spent doing that. Eventually they get so bored or frustrated that they tend to ignore their hard work and make rash investment decisions based on rumors or unfounded tips.

The Solution

Computer stock picking software is a great way to remove this analysis paralysis. Such software is preprogrammed with a set of filters that filter out good potential stocks from poorer ones based on certain pre programmed requirements. The benefit is that such software does a lot of the leg work for you. It essentially filters out any stocks not worth investing in leaving you with a prime short list from which to select your investments.

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