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"Right" Time To Invest Your Money


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Some people asked me for advice.

"When is it the right time for me to enter the market?"

"Will the Singapore economy do well in these coming years?"

"I DON'T think we should invest now. The market seems uncertain. "

" I think we should invest now, because market price is low. We should capitalise on this opportunity asap before it's too late!"

A lot of statements have been made by others.

Well, I have another SECRET to share with you here.

This is a well known secret.

You may know it.

OR you may not.

OR you can pretend not knowing it.


If someone tells you that he could, he's lying.

He just based on assumptions and hypothesis.

No one can say for sure that the market will go up further or the market will tumble like there is no tomorrow.

No one can say that.

What we know for sure is “market cycles".

All of us know that whatever comes up will go down and whatever goes down will comes up again. . . . and investing in funds is very, very different compared to investing in penny stocks (small, cheap stocks).

Small companies can tumble and go bust. . . . but funds are different.

Performance of funds that is worth billions of dollars can goes up and can goes down.

BUT never goes bust.

When you invest in funds, you have to adopt the mindset of an investor.

When the market goes up, it is good for you.

When the market goes down, it is also good for you.

Why do I say that?

You see. You can never control the market BUT you can take advantage of the market performance if you CHOOSE to adopt an investor mindset.

You see, many people are emotional when investing their money.

Emotions and money cannot mixed.

You must SEGREGATE them.

You must think logic when it comes to investing.

When the market goes up, it is good for you because the VALUE of your units goes up, which translate to good profits if you choose to liquidate them at that point of time.

When the market goes down, it is also good for you because it presents you an opportunity to buy units at “discounted" price.

This is where you “top up" your units.

Lots of people out there, start to “kan cheong" when the market goes down and do exactly the opposite to my advice. (Just take a look, when the Takaful fund price drops in the year 2000-2002)

They sell and realised their loss.

That is why I always advise my clients on the mindset of an investor.

I am happy that my clients subscribe to my idea and remained as my loyal clients till today. Thanks to you! :)

Helmi Hakim is a young, promising, exuberant financial associate in Singapore. Passionate in helping the mass to achieve financial literacy, he dedicated his blog to the public and share with them his knowledge on Insurance, Savings and Investment.

Do visit his blog at


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