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De Beers, Gold Bars and Frederick from South Africa


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On my flight to Dubai I met an old friend of mine from South Africa, Frederick.

Frederick used to be a top manager at De Beers (famous Diamond Jewelers) in South Africa and he was responsible for the gold branch of this global player for more than 20 years. Of course, I did not let pass this opportunity to talk with a high rank gold manager about his point of view on the latest developments on the gold market.

And my dear friend, believe me, I have got the strong feeling that you should share and know about his profound knowledge.

Of course I asked him: What is all this fuss about the exploding gold prices? How comes?

Then he said something very interesting:

"You know Norbert, about 11 years ago I told all my friends and clients to buy gold. The gold price at this time was at a very deep point, so I got back a lot of pitiful smiles. Following my advice at that time you could make a fortune with the New Economy"* at stock exchange within a short time. Nobody wanted to buy gold except a few of my friends - who actually bought tons of gold - for cheap money. Some bought from the websites like a very famous one".

(* New Economy = this term was used in the late 1990's to suggest that globalization and/or innovations in information technology had changed the way that the world economy works. )

I asked of course: Why did these few friends buy so much gold bars despite the facts?"

Frederick said: They just did not trust the stock market and the manipulation herein. And, as you know, a few years later the New Economy" crashed globally - with billions of Dollars lost. "

And then I asked: What occurred?"

And he said: The gold price started to climb like never before and within a short time my few friends became very rich. You see", he continued, there are powers in the government who want to have very high share values, because of their own interests. And the FED (Federal Reserve System: the central bank of the United States) is playing this manipulation game as well by pumping billions of Dollars in the market - with the hope that the people buy shares again. "

I asked: Can this go well in the future?"

He smiled and said: You see, GOLD is the only real currency standard worldwide because it is backed up with real value like land - and therefore it will never loose value to zero - and in fact it never did. So to have genuine gold bullions or gold bars is the best way to protect your money and your purchasing power. To buy genuine gold bullions and gold bars, buy from Just accumulate small gold bars step by step. These little gold bars are accepted worldwide as a tender. "

I objected: Isn't it arduous to carry hundreds of little gold bars in your wallet. "

"Well", he said, of course you would just carry with you the amount of small gold bars which you need! And gold has always a high value so you would not need that much. And before you ask: wouldn't that be too dangerous at the airport security at the peeping machines? I tell you that: gold cannot be detected from the electronic beams of a metal detector. These metal detectors go only for iron or steel because guns and knifes are made of this metal. Believe me, I tried it and had no problems ;-). "

I said: Well, that sounds good, but what about the future price development?"

He looked at me smiling and repeated: Well, I wish I would be a prophet for the economy. I can only judge per my sound common sense and per my experience. Most of the governments worldwide are making the same mistakes at the same time. They are pumping billions of dollars in the so called market" without any coverage and the hope that the future generations like your children and grand children will pay the dues. However, I know my children very well, at a certain time they will just simply complain: Why should we pay the debts of our ancestors? We did not create these debts. " Lucky the person who has now some gold bars hidden in his drawer or safe. "

After this very interesting conversation with Frederick and the (gold) history and future I leaned back and thought to myself: Well, these are very interesting information for my readers on my website valuable gold information right from somebody who should understand all these global changes.


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