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Your trading decision must be based on Stock market direction


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The big question which arises in the mind of each and every trader or investor is that, how to deal with the market when it never stops moving. Of course, Stock market never stops. It may pause for a little while or slow down, but it never stops moving. The three decisions of getting in, getting out and not Intraday trading becomes even more difficult because there really is no end. Only you can decide when to end it.

When you are in a profitable trade, you need to decide when you have made enough. You should not get greedy. Many people let greed get the best of them. A greedy person can never be satisfied. Whereas with a losing trade, a greedy person may act as if the losing trade does not exist by convincing themselves that the market will come back and reward them with a winning trade. These are very dangerous characteristics for any trader to have. Definitely, a greedy person cannot succeed in the trading environment.

Now, the next question is “how much is enough”. Many people deal with some issues that are very important to them. But these issues have nothing to do with the movement of the Stock market.

These issues are:
1) Can I really afford to lose this money?
2) Why I need the money?
3) How important is this money to me?

These personal issues are difficult to confront, because they will contaminate your opinions and observations of the market. But this should not happen because these personal issues have nothing to do with how far the market will move.

But most of the people take those factors into account when they trade. These issues become factors as to whether or not to get in and get out of the Stock market. This is a big mistake. The market is least bothered about your reasons to make money. It doesn’t care whether you need money or not.

Therefore many successful traders say to only trade with money you can afford to lose. The reason to place a trade in the market is because you feel that it has the potential to move a certain direction and you can capitalize on that move. This is the only reason to get into and out of the Stock market.

Remember, the game only begins when you enter the market and ends only when you get out of the market. You are free to participate whenever you like. The important thing you can learn here is you have to be making your market decisions based on what Stock market is doing and showing you. If you are making your decisions based on outside factors, then your judgement will be clouded and it will be much more difficult to see good opportunities to profit.

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