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Overcome your fear while trading


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Most of the traders sabotage their Intraday trading because of their fear. Fear may be good and helpful in our lives. But in trading, it is harmful.

Fear makes you to avoid things in the environment, which you perceive as threatening. What you perceive may not necessarily be threatening. When you try to focus on your losing trades, mistakes etc, you give your subconscious mind powerful directions. You would then easily end up with those same losses which you were actually trying so hard to avoid. What you focus your attention is usually what you get.

If you want to be successful as a trader, then try to focus your attention on winning trades and proper trading mechanics. But if you intensely focus on your mistakes and poor trading decisions, then you will end up with the same. Your subconscious takes the mental pictures which you are giving it and acts accordingly. It does its very best to act out these directions on your behalf.

Your subconscious is not bothered about your interest. It simply attempts to follow the information. When you trade with fear, you can easily block things out. Fear acts as a warning mechanism. Fear will lead you to make wrong trading decisions. You will ignore different pieces of information that would help you to make good trading decisions. This is very dangerous.

A fearful trader will handle a winning trade in the negative way. His fear of losing will cause him to focus on what the Stock market can take away from him in his current winning trade. A fearful trader will ignore all the information that states the Stock market has potential to continue in a profitable direction. So, he will exit the trade early regardless of the profit potential left in trade. Whereas, in a losing trade, the fearful trader will focus on only those information from the Stock market that supports his current position and ignore other factors that may not agree with his opinion.

This fear will make the trader to come out of the profitable trade. This will lead him to leave the money on table. This is the reason why most of the traders cut their profits short and let their losses run.

In this way, the fear will sabotage your Intraday trading. To prevent it, you must learn to trade without fear. In order to trade without fear, you should completely trust yourselves to know that you will always act in your own best interest. Fear would definitely do nothing good to your Intraday trading career. It would put your trading career in doldrums. So, it is very important to overcome the emption of fear.

If you are not sure about the entry and exit to the trades, then take the help of the stock advisory company which provides sure shot Intraday tips . This company will tell you when to come out of the trade or when to stick to the trade. In this way, you can earn even in volatile stock market . Your Intraday trading career will also be safe.


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Fear and Anxiety - A Duo That Can Be Overcome
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