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Understanding Spread Betting and Limiting the Risks


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Everything has rules and when it comes to spread betting, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that understanding every single detail of what you are getting into is a very crucial part of the process. It is not that much different from gambling. You put money on stake and then wait to see if luck’s on your side or not. Like in gambling, you need to have enough money and that you don’t give your opponent the advantage. Unlike gambling where you only lose the money you put in, bet spreading not only takes away the money you put in when you lose but your loss would be compounded by different factors leaving you loosing more that you have expected. This leads back to the main rule of the trade, which is to know everything before starting it.

What it is All About

Spread betting is a type of wagering on the result of a certain event and the pay off could be based not exactly on the absolute win or lose but on the ‘spread’. Spread is the term that refers to the scope of possible results. The spread is the basis for the bet, wherein you bet on whether the result would be below or above the spread.

The Main Purpose

In a game where a newbie is going against a champion, chances are, more people will bet on the champion and less on the newbie. This does not create a balanced market at all. So even things out or give a twist to the game, the betting would then be more on by how much greater will the champion win over the newbie. This is being done to conjure an active market where there will be more equal number of better for both sides. A mathematics teacher named Charles McNeil invented it. It became very popular in 1980s especially in the United Kingdom.

Limiting The Risk

Because of the risks of the spread betting , betters or wagers are given tips on how risks can be limited. One important factor that many people become a prey of is betting under the influence of alcohol. Clearly, a clear state of mind is required to be in this game. Being under the influence of alcohol takes your focus and concentration away, leaving you making bad decisions and big losses. Also, if you are losing streaks, stop and do more research to understand what is happening and where you are going wrong.


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Financial Spread Betting - Explained By An Example For Beginners
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