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Day Trading - 5 Strategies To Help You Become A Successful Trader


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The day trade involves the practice of trading financial products like stocks, options shares, futures and currency. The transaction during the day ends the same day before the markets close.

Day trade can help make you high profits. We know people have succeeded in the day, and some even claim million dollar profits in a year.

However, the day trade, like other types of transactions on the market, comes with its risks. The fact remains - each day can really make some money, but we must also remember that the day can also make you suffer serious financial losses.

The day trading is considered very risky type of operation. We know that many people do go bankrupt because of the day trade.

Day exchange is recommended for people at the same time, experience and adequate funding. You must realize that almost every trader suffers losses during the first month of practice of the day. Many of them didn't wait to recover their loss, they just gave up trading completely.

So keep in mind that every great player must have suffered a few losses when they started out

If you want to do day trading, you can minimize the risks and increase the opportunity to be able to enjoy it. To be a better trader try ans work with some of the following suggested strategies:

Six kinds of strategies are used for day traders make a profit:

1. Trends Following - Traders use this strategy of buying stocks on the rise or short-sell if it is declining. It is based on the idea that the trend will continue.

2. Range Trading - Traders use the strategy of buying stocks at low prices and selling when they rise. It is assumed that once a stock peaks, it will start going down and will do so for a while.

3. News Strategy - Trading with a news strategy is the most basic and common strategy. Traders buy a stock that was in the news as rising, and they see following bad news.

4. Scalping - This is the strategy where traders liquidated and established a good position quickly. This normally happens in a matter of seconds or minutes.

5. Short Stocks Strategy - This strategy assumes that a purchased stock is about to rise. Another strategy of shorting stocks is that traders borrow stocks from market brokers and sand resell in the hope that prices will come down and then buy again.

Day trading is a complex issue. You need some of these qualities to succeed at it:

First, it is a mentally challenging operation. You need to be able to keep your focus for long periods of time.

And then you need to be good with your money. Do not go overboard in the hope of making your millions quickly.

Do not expect to start making money immediately. You will probably lose out on the first month. Thats why you need to have a good amount of money to last you through this time.

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