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5 Reasons to Buy Tax Lien Certificates in Maricopa County, Arizona


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Many people buy tax lien certificates at local county auctions. Over half of the States offer these properties at their yearly county tax sale. Some places are much better to purchase tax lien certificates due to better rates or service, or greater number of properties. Here are five good reasons you should consider buying tax lien properties in Maricopa County, Arizona.

1. Great Interest Rate

Arizona tax certificates in Maricopa County can pay you up to 16% interest on your initial investment. That is 35% more than you can earn on a similar investment in South Carolina.

2. Over the Counter Sales

Approximately 20% of all properties offered for sale at the February auction remain unsold. The left over properties are made available at county offices immediately after the completion of the yearly sale. You can inspect these properties at any time and buy without competitive bidding, i. e. “over the counter". There are many great properties left to buy, and because of the lack of competition, any certificate purchased will bear the maximum rate allowable by law, which is currently 16%.

3. Anyone Can Buy Tax Liens In Maricopa County

Yes, anyone. In fact, almost 20% of tax liens are sold to investors who live outside of the United States.

4. You Don't Need to Travel to Maricopa County to Buy Tax Lien Properties

With modern technology, it is now possible to do all your research by computer. You can get satellite photos of the property, examine deeds online, and view the tax card on your computer. Maricopa County will allow you to mail a check or purchase electronically by internet or by phone when you call the Maricopa County Assessor Office.

5. Property Lists Of All Available Tax Delinquent Properties Are Available Months Before the Sale

Maricopa County makes available a list of all 20,000 tax delinquent properties on a disk, for a fee of about $40. This list is available near the first of November for the February Auction, so you can begin your due diligence months before auction, or at your leisure if you are purchasing over the counter properties.

As you can see, there are many advantages to buying tax lien properties in Maricopa County, Arizona. It is highly unlikely that you will find another place to buy tax lien certificates over the internet, through the mail, through live auctions, and available for sale to persons living outside of the USA. When you add the fact that you can get a list of properties available for sale in advance of the auction, and earn 16% on this investment, you will discover that Maricopa County is the best place to buy tax lien certificates.

Nationsbank and Wachovia have been buying these secret investments for years. These secret investment ideas are now being revealed to you, the little guy so you too can earn 16-50% on your money. With Wall Street and traditional real estate investments rapidly deterioating, you need to look for a safe place for your hard earned dollar. Tax liens are backed and leveraged by real estate and guaranteed by the government. In most states, they are a first lien on real estate, and when foreclosed, they wipe out all junior liens, including mortgages. This allows you to potentially receive a valuable piece of real estate for pennies on the dollar. Discover more about how to buy tax lien property at my blog,


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