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Your Favorite Five and a Flat Tire


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T-Mobile has branded themselves with the commercial that poses the famous question “Who's in your favorite five?" Here, subjects can choose up to five numbers or people who they can make unlimited calls, in or out of network. Who should go in the favorite five circles? This catchy slogan has really got me to thinking lately about who would be my favorite five. Think for a moment about who would be in your favorite five. Would it be your parents, your best shopping buddy, your significant other, a pastor, or co-worker? The lists of possibilities are endless; it's not as easy as you thought, is it?

Our favorite five should be what some refer to as our flat tire people; those who without a doubt, if you called at 2am with a flat tire, would roll out of their warm beds and come to your aid. Again, now think carefully, who would be on your flat tire list? Most likely, those who we casually play basketball or video games with, accompany us to a movie, or girls night out are not most likely to extend themselves in a time of crisis. As a result, our flat tire people or favorite five should be our strong tower of support, and consist of those who share our goals, morals, and interests; those whose company you not only enjoy, but rely on for personal growth. I've learned that growing up, most of the (incorrect) things we have been taught is the cause of our relationships being built on shaky foundations. We must strive to surround ourselves with positivity, so when our cup is empty, it can be refilled.

Unfortunately, too often, those closest to us tend to drain our resources, time, and energy. We make poor choices, associating with those who do not deserve our friendship. Now is a great time to evaluate our flat tire list and check it twice. Your best shopping pal may always be available to help you find the bargain basement deals but does she have your financial health in mind? Would he/she be able or available to come to your aid in an emergency? Could she help you out of a bind, lend money, or more importantly offer sound spiritual or financial advice?

Please do not think that I am implying that only those currently share similar financial capabilities are viable favorite fives. It is not about the amount of money one has, but the state of mind or financial wealth. I am saying that in order to ascend, to climb to the next level, we need like-minded folk in our corner, urging us forward instead of pulling us down. Choose those who will add to your harvest, and increase the bountiful crops you've planted. Make your flat tire list carefully, and check it twice. No matter who is in your circle, your favorite five, your network, I encourage you to ensure the relationships are mutually beneficial.

On September 24th and 25th , I am holding a FREE Training Seminar where I will share the secrets to building wealth via real estate and other valuable information that is usually only privy to my favorite five. I am positive you will find a few new favorite fives who share your dreams of getting on the path to financial freedom. If you are serious about improving your quality of life, achieving financial stability, personal growth and development, you cannot afford to miss his event! Visit my website at or Call 866-758-3555 to register now!

The Queen of Real Estate,

Annetta Powell


3000 Town Center

Suite 2120

Southfield, MI 48075


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