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What Kind Of An Investor Are You?


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You need to ask this question before you start investing. Self awareness is the most important aspect because if you are oblivious to your own strength and weaknesses then you are going to lack that self confidence to do anything. Are you a cautious investor or an aggressive investor? Have you got the commitment and the initiative to act on opportunities? Can you pursue your goals despite obstacles getting in the way? Self control is also important if you decide you are an aggressive investor as you can lose 20% of your portfolio in a short time span. You will need to remain calm and confident that the end result will provide you with your final goal whichever investment strategy you adopt.

Take responsibility of all investment actions and learn to move on as you will make mistakes along the way but treat it as a learning experience.

Learn that our emotions can affect our investment decisions so learn to control yourself before making any investments. Know which of your emotions led you to making bad decisions and recognize that your feelings will affect your performance. Do not worry if you make bad decisions as this can always be rectified by taking a new perspective or by continuous learning.

Be candid about mistakes made. Always give your self time to reflect and the best way to do this is by doing nothing! If you cannot decide what type of investor you are or if you feel you neither have the commitment or control to invest then get some professional help.

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The Investment - Economical Well-Being Of An Investor
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