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The CC Silver Dollar - What You Should Know


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The CC Silver Dollar has a unique spot in history. Although every collectible coin has a unique and valuable story, the story of the CC dollar is among those that stand out. This is one coin that no collector should miss out on.

CC Coins

CC actually stands for Carson City. This is where the story of the CC silver coins began. It was in 1859 when a huge source of silver was discovered in Carson City. It was partly because of this silver source and lobbying that a mint branch was established in Carson City. Like every other mint office, the one in Carson also affixed its letter sign on the minted dollar. For Carson Cit y it was the double C.

Value of CC

A CC Silver Dollar is actually a Morgan Dollar. Like other Morgan Dollars, this one has the face of Liberty and an eagle on the reverse. What makes it unique from other silver dollars however is the double C mint mark on the reverse. It is the only American silver coin with a double letter mint mark. This unique feature is one of the main reasons why The Carson City dollar is considered valuable.

One other factor that makes it valuable is its mintage. There were some years when the Carson silver coin was minted in the millions. There were also some years though with only a few hundred thousands. It is estimated that CC silver coins do not even account for one percent of the total amount of silver dollars ever minted. The comparative rarity of a CC Silver Dollar is more than enough to make it more expensive than some other Morgan types. The 1885 Morgan CC is among the most prized because very few were minted in this year.

The quantity of Carson City Silver Dollars dropped even more during the war. Many gold coins of various types were melted at this time. There was a significant shortage of silver at this time. The Carson City silver coins that have survived to this day come from government vaults. These have been sold to the public.


A CC Silver Dollar can also have a fake counterpart. You should therefore take great care when considering a CC purchase. A CC coins should be carefully assessed like any other collectible coin. It would help if you took the time to find out the distinguishing features of a Morgan CC silver coin.

Even if you do know your coin, there is still a chance that you could get swindled. You can prevent this from happening from buying only from a reputable source. There are many online stores that specialize only in selling collectible coins like the CC dollar. Be extra careful if you plan to buy from an online auction. Check a seller's reputation meticulously.

You should also consider coin condition. A rare CC coin could cost more than a thousand dollars. A highly defaced and worn coin however would hardly merit such a price.

A CC Silver Dollar is a unique and beautiful collector's piece. If you aren't careful though, you could end up with a fake.

Learn more about how to collect and profit from the rare and beautiful Carson City Silver Dollar on this web page: http://www.SilverDollarCoins.Info/carson-city-silver-dollar.html


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