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Bordeaux Wines

Joseph Then

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Bordeaux wines are some of the most popular wines throughout the world and therefore it makes sense that Bordeaux wine investments are some of the smartest wine investments you can make. In fact, Bordeaux wine investments represent a large majority of total wine investments globally, as much as 90% or more by some estimates. This is because Bordeaux wines are prestigious, the vintages are great and the labels and vineyards are renowned.

What are Bordeaux Wines?

As a wine investor you must have an understanding of what you are investing in before you actually do so. As such, before making a Bordeaux wine investment it is important to understand what Bordeaux wines are. Bordeaux wines come exclusively from the Bordeaux region of France. There are 9,000 wineries spread across 57 different appellations (smaller districts) in Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is mostly known as a producer of red wines, although many sweet white wines and other types of wines are also produced. Bordeaux red wines are made in a ratio of 6:1 to white wines in the region. Many Bordeaux wines are blends of various grapes and only specific grape types are permitted to be used. The most common of which for reds are Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot; while common white grapes include Sauvignon Blanc.

There are many common, easily obtained Bordeaux wines but Bordeaux wine investments include the most expensive, highly sought after, top rated wines in the world.

En Primeur Bordeaux Wine Investments

En primeur is a term that means wine futures, or investing in wines that have yet to reach the market. Bordeaux wine investments are often made in this fashion, as the best vintages are exclusive, expensive and highly sought. For the winery, selling their wines as such gives them a guaranteed money supply and they can see return quicker than if they waited to sell all of their wine on the market. For the consumer, prices may be cheaper and it provides a chance to scoop up expected great vintages before they reach the masses.

Bordeaux wine investments made in this fashion are either sold while the wines are still aging in oak casks or are sold after the wines are bottled but are still maturing before being sold. In either instance, investing in wines in this fashion holds a different set of risks and rewards. The rewards, as mentioned above, are that you can get a hold of a potentially great vintage and can do it cheaper than if it you did from a retailer on the market. The risks are that the vintage may turn out to be not as great as predicted, and wines can be rated lower and be less sought after than expected.

When all is said and done, if you plan on making an investment in wine, you will most assuredly be making Bordeaux wine investments. This prestigious region produces some of the best and most exclusive wines in the world, giving you, the potential wine investor, lots of room for potential growth and profit.

Wine Investment is a very safe investment that you can look at. It boasts over 100% increase in value in just a few short years. Visit us at to see the stats on the various wines that we have provided for you.


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Wine Merchants of Bordeaux, France
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