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Real Estate Investing - Are You Making This Elephant Sized Problem

Eric Medemar

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The other night I was flipping channels when I stumbled upon a special about elephants. A researcher had been following a group of elephants for the past 15 years and was documenting his findings. Though I am not by any means an avid elephant fan, I found the show very enjoyable.

One of the elephants that he had been researching had just passed away at the tender age of 62. He said that when an elephant dies all of the history and knowledge that the elephant had acquired over their lifetime dies with them. The thought when left alone seems rather elementary. However when I thought about it on a deeper level, it brought to mind how lucky we are to have written communication.

When the old elephant passed away all of his secret feeding spots, watering holes and travel paths went away with him. Sure, the younger elephants were able to learn from the older elephants as they grew up, but I am sure many elephant secrets have been lost over the years. As humans we are extremely lucky to have written communication. Written communication allows us to avoid making the same mistakes that our ancestors made. Written communication also give us the ability to avoid having to reinvent the wheel when we want to accomplish something new with our lives.

Having said that, it puzzles me to no end why people insist on “doing it there way" or worse yet not doing things at all because they “don't know how". With the endless amount of information available in the world there is no excuse not to be living the lives of our dreams. No matter who you are, where your from or what your current life circumstances are, there is someone who has overcame far more than you, and achieved much more than you, and they have written down exactly how they did it. They have left their secret paths for you to follow.

It does not matter how broke you are, even if your living on the streets you can go to the library and read about how other people have overcome situations similar to yours. Unlike the elephants successful humans leave there secrets behind for you to follow, you just need to follow them. Whether you are a newbie real estate investor or a seasoned veteran the best way to make improvements to your real estate investing life is to learn from others. Learn from people who have already been where you want to go, rather than trudging your own path through the thick vegetation of real estate investing.

Eric Medemar is a Real Estate Investor/Consultant from Grand Rapids, MI. Be sure to get your Free Guide: 6 simple steps to Real Estate Wholesaling success. You can also view Erics wholesaling real estate blog here. Eric is also a contributing member to The Real Estate Investing Forums at The Millionaire University.


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Real Estate Investing - 3 Powerful Ways to Kick Start Your Real Estate Business
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